Using ADI’s mSure Technology for Meter Accuracy Monitoring

“Innovations for utility applications are not limited to monitoring hardware devices that consume energy from the grid, but now offer analytics capabilities aimed at understanding meter accuracy that was previously impossible to track in the field. We partnered with Helen Electricity Network, a distribution system operator in Helsinki, Finland, and Aidon, a well-known provider of […]

The importance of fiber laser cutting machine in precision manufacturing

Manufacturing and processing industries that have high requirements for details are precision manufacturing. Precision manufacturing requires no single error. It is mainly for the processing of precision instruments and equipment parts, requiring high precision and stable performance. Under the demand of this market, precision fiber laser Cutting Machine is undoubtedly the primary choice for precision manufacturing. […]

[Two Sessions]Proposal on Strengthening the Coordinated Development of Intelligent Vehicle Network Security

1. Problem and cause analysis At present, my country is in the stage of transition from R&D and testing to industrialization of mid-to-high-level intelligent networked vehicles. With the technical bottlenecks of the industrialization of intermediate and advanced intelligent connected vehicles being broken one by one and the widespread use of assisted driving systems in traditional […]

Han’s Yueming laser marking machine protect our food safety

Han’s Yueming laser marking machine protect our food safety Twelfth Standing Committee of the People's Republic of China by the National People's Congress, "People's Republic of China Food Safety Law" the fourteenth meeting of April 24, 2015 amendments through, now revised "People's Republic of China Food Safety Law "come into force from October 1, 2015. […]