30% reduction in power consumption, 11nm process!Linsheng Technology launched the first AIOT vision chip

EETOP news, on August 28, 2020, Lingsheng Technology officially released its first “Core Vision” AIOT chip JA310 in Chengdu, which enjoys the reputation of the country of abundance.

The launch of the JA310 series is a key move for the implementation of Lingsheng’s smart IoT strategy. JA310 adopts industry-leading chip architecture and is based on Samsung’s 11nm FinFET process. Compared with the 28nm process smart IoT chips commonly used in the market, the performance is significantly improved while the area is reduced by nearly 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%. Reach the leading level of the AIoT industry in terms of performance, area, and power consumption.

Linsheng Technology is jointly controlled by Jianguang Assets, Datang Telecom, Lianxin Technology, Qualcomm, and Zhilu Capital. The total investment of the joint venture is RMB 3 billion. Among them, Chinese shareholders hold 75.867% of the shares.

The Internet of Everything is a great accomplishment

Linsheng Technology is in a leading position in domestic strength. This time the chip was successfully taped out and ushered in the first release ceremony that everyone can witness together.

In this era of the Internet of Everything, 5G+AIOT will be an important stage for the next generation of super Internet. Lingsheng Technology will be committed to the high integration of smart phones and the Internet of Things, and will interconnect smart nodes on the basis of improving cloud computing capabilities to create a broader Mobile communication platform on the Internet, thus opening up a broader market space in China.

To grasp the ecology means grasp the livelihood. At the press conference, Mr. Xiao Xiaomao, CEO of Linsheng Technology, focused on the concept of industrial layout to create an ecological circle, integrating various upstream and downstream ecology into one product, and then helping Linsheng’s customers and helping Linsheng’s various industries Ecological suppliers will bring their respective products to the market as soon as possible, so that partners can get a nanny-style service. After receiving the products, they can quickly make products according to their own choices.

Mr. Xiao Xiaomao, CEO of Linsheng

Lengsheng will also devote itself to edge computing capabilities during product development, improve the edge computing capabilities of the products, connect to the cloud through 5G, extract edge data, reduce cloud power consumption, and reduce communication costs, and integrate the entire upstream and downstream. Connect to create a smart city.

Open and inclusive, win-win cooperation

In terms of industrial cooperation, Mr. Li Bin, the chairman of Lingsheng Technology, mentioned: Lingsheng combines Chinese and overseas talents and customers in the globalization of science and technology. No matter at any stage, at any stage, Lingsheng will uphold an open mind. , Tolerate all kinds of thoughts and different viewpoints to develop together. The investment and industrial development of China’s hard technology industry have brought unique business opportunities to Lingsheng. Only when finding the right direction can it achieve the integration of industry and finance, persevere, and achieve victory.

Mr. Li Bin, Chairman of Linsheng Technology

“Core Vision” JA310 launched

New ideas for the development of Lingsheng “Core Vision”

Vision, business starts with the first pair of photosensitization. The perceptual information obtained by humans through vision accounts for 83% of the total perceptual information sources. This is the classic Alpha rule. The powerful visual system allows us to have a more intuitive perception of the entire world. , And more accurate measurement, and as a digital extension of human perception, artificial intelligence intelligent vision chip breaks through the limitations of time and space, allowing visual perception everywhere.

The various practical digital terminal application scenarios promoted by AI vision also cover all aspects. The robot vision and robot applications developed in the past few years are like buying a robot ten years ago, and all kinds of aimlessly hit the wall. Today, mainstream products can do To very precise path planning and effective obstacle avoidance are all contributions to the product improvement of AI vision technology.

Cheng Fei, Chief Marketing Officer of Linsheng Technology

From the future artificial intelligence to increase the active monitoring of data technology, through structured video, effective visual data can be obtained, on the one hand, bandwidth can be saved, on the other hand, storage space can be saved, in the growing market and AI big data-driven industry Under the premise of upgrading, it provides unlimited imagination space for the entire surveillance and related derivative industries.

JA310 is based on the world’s top 11-nanometer industrial manufacturing, and has the leading competitive advantage of low power consumption and high energy efficiency. Compared with the same type of products based on the 28-nanometer process, the power consumption can be significantly reduced by 70%, based on heterogeneous processing This allows engineers to optimize power consumption at the system software implementation level.

The indispensable part of the vision chip is a high-quality ISP. The JA310 integrates a professional-level ISP with dual engines. It supports a maximum resolution of 4K 30 frames and supports dual-channel 2K, so it provides ultra-high vision and binocular vision. A very powerful technical guarantee.

In addition, ISP is also deeply integrated with AI algorithms to further improve the related quality. In the face of related intelligence, we monitor our ISP engine. Because this is an industry with very high quality requirements, our ISP-related support features are also readily available. The picture in the upper right corner shows the effect of the ISP in the dark and backlight conditions after adding wide dynamic.

In addition, in the 310 ISP engine, we support 30 frames of high dynamics, so that the local details and the video effect under high-speed operation are very clear.

The video engine integrates the 4K video parallel processing used by the world’s top-level high-quality and low-latency VPU, with the characteristics of high fidelity, high compression, and low latency. In the testing process, 310 has achieved the effect that is closest to the perfect curve, which is the highest guarantee for product quality.

In such a large chip of JA310, there is also a large IP module, which is a high-performance quad-core CPU, which can be used for high-efficiency multi-task scheduling. The A55 of the same level has an improved processing capability than the previous generation. The single-core operating efficiency is 60% higher than the previous one. In addition, the new subsystem configuration reduces memory latency by 50%, creating effective resource protection for developers, which is an indispensable center of JA310 nerve.

The key modules and key features of the JA310 chip itself represent Lunsheng not only a chip company but also a solution provider. This is also partly because Lunsheng has a selectivity in response to more diversified and differentiated IoT applications. The creation of industry solutions, including intelligent surveillance, including robot series, including very popular during the epidemic period, and video conferencing systems, new products developed based on these products, effectively reducing partners and customers, and saving on the number of people , It is also the time to market this product earlier.

It is believed that Lingsheng Technology will play the leading spirit of “returning to the core and entering the valley” in Chengdu Shuangliu, attracting more integrated circuit industry and outstanding enterprises to settle in, bringing new breakthroughs and hopes to the development of China’s science and technology.


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