A Short Introduction Of Product Category We Sel

Who am I?Are we a factory?Yes, we are a manufacturer from south China.

What products our clients can buy from our company? 
Wei Shun is a factory with over ten years producing experience of silicone material goods and owning ability of opening mold, so customers can buy both silicone material products & custom service from our company.

What is our product category?We mainly offer three kinds of silicone products: silicone kitchenware, silicone promotional gifts, silicone baby items.If you are a retailer selling cake tools to bakehouse who offer tantalizing cakes, cookies, brownie bars, tarts, quiches etc., there must have some products can meet with your need.We can produce most common shape and type cake pans on market. Selecting us, it is needn’t to wast time on searching goods.Silicone rubber is a material excellent on heat resisting. Serving temperature of silicone products is between -40°C~230°C, so silicone molds can not only be used for making cake or cookie but also ice cube trays and DIY soap mould.Except silicone molds, on kitchen, silicone heat resistant oven gloves, cooking tools such as silicone spatulas & silicone spoons are also popular.How about promotional gift?What kind of silicone material promotional gifts can be offered our company?We can produce silicone pouch bags & coin purse, bracelets and so on.What’s more, as for baby items, baby bibs, teether toys and baby dish plates are available.Want silicone material products,, why not contact us?

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