Acquisition of monoDrive/ alliance with Ansys NI to expand self-driving car layout

NI has been making frequent moves in the field of self-driving vehicles recently. On the one hand, it announced the completion of the acquisition of monoDrive, and at the same time, it has also entered into a further strategic partnership with an analog tool manufacturer Ansys. monoDrive is a leader in simulation software for the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. The acquisition expands NI’s influence in the ADAS and analog markets, helping NI’s automotive customers to accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of safer autonomous driving systems.

The design cycle of ADAS is very complicated. Automotive OEMs and suppliers need systems that can simplify the conversion between simulation, laboratory testing, and physical testing environments, and ultimately produce safer vehicles. Today, different tools can cause isolated processes, delays in time to market, and lead to higher costs, thereby reducing the speed of innovation and hampering the quality of advanced technologies.

Simulation software is an indispensable tool platform for developing self-driving cars. For this reason, NI has been making frequent moves in the field of simulation software recently.

NI will use monoDrive’s expertise in signal processing and advanced simulation to demonstrate the ability of customers to accelerate the delivery of ADAS by simulating a high-fidelity driving environment with numerous sensors and thousands of real-time scenarios. This method, combined with the NI software-connected system, will show that automotive customers can realize the conversion between simplified simulation, laboratory-based test environments and physical test environments. In the end, NI can help automakers and suppliers accelerate their journey towards autonomous vehicles. era.

Chad Chesney, vice president and general manager of the automotive business unit of NI, said that the combination of monoDrive’s advanced software and NI’s strong position in the ADAS field will enable a smooth transition of our customers’ software verification workflow. In turn, this will also provide higher test efficiency, wider coverage and more realistic test scenarios, helping automakers to bring safe and reliable autonomous vehicles to the road faster.

MonoDrive CEO Celite Milbrandt said that in the past five years, monoDrive has achieved a leading position in the field of vehicle simulation. We believe that the combination of NI and monoDrive products will help our customers accelerate their goal of deploying safer vehicles.

At the same time as this acquisition, NI also announced a strategic cooperation with Ansys, the global leader in engineering simulation. Ansys’ simulation solution enables sensor suppliers to fully simulate the basic physical principles of radar, LiDAR and cameras during the product design phase. NI and Ansys will work together to explain that customers solve the complex challenges in the process of reconstructing real-world simulation models to verify the sensor and inject data into the software and hardware under test in real time. Through more accurate data and results, linking the simulated virtual world with the world of physical testing in the real environment, this shared focus will provide customers with key product insights and understand its performance in the market.

Matt Zack, vice president of Ansys corporate development and global partnerships, pointed out that Ansys is committed to building world-class products in an open ecosystem. The cooperation with NI reinforces this strategy, enabling Ansys to provide more comprehensive solutions to customers’ engineering challenges. Combining Ansys’ physical scenario-based sensor simulation solution with NI’s driving simulation and test architecture will enable our mutual customers to develop safer ADAS technologies faster.

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