Adult video site StripChat database leaks, model information “at a glance”

Keyword database leak

Everyone should pay attention when browsing the “web”! According to reliable sources from Security Affairs, the adult video website StripChat has a security breach that has caused the personal data of millions of registered users and adult models to be leaked.

Database information leaked, user privacy “none”

On November 5th, when security researcher Bob Diachenko tried to access the ElasticSearch database cluster, he found that he was not required to authenticate.

Through detailed scanning and analysis of the database, Diachenko realized that a large amount of data and information in the database cluster can be freely accessed. After some exploration, Diachenko found that data records containing detailed information such as email addresses, user names, and IP addresses appeared to be related to registered users and models of the StripChat adult website.

The scale of the leaked data is huge, and StripChat has not yet “positively responded”

In response to this leak, network security experts pointed out that the leakage of database storage information may bring significant privacy risks to Stripchat users and models, and threat actors can use this data to carry out blackmail activities against them.

For Stripchat registered users and adult models, the IP address and other information contained in the leaked data may have exposed their specific residential locations. Attackers can use this information to track, harass, or even attack them.

What is more worrying is that Diachenko has tried to contact Stripchat through e-mail and Twitter on many occasions, but unfortunately, none of them succeeded.

The publicly leaked information in the database mainly includes the following:

Detailed data information of 16500 million registered users of the website, including user name, email, IP address, ISP details, tip balance, account creation date, last login date, account status, etc.;

2. An adult model database containing approximately 421,000 data records (username, gender, studio ID, on-site status, prompt menu/price,);

3. About 719,000 user chat records are saved in the chat database (the ID information of the user and the adult model is involved in the conversation);

4. More than 134 million transaction records, including specific information such as the amount of videos and tips paid by users to models.

After several days of continuous fermentation of the database information leakage incident, security researchers discovered that the adult website had protected the database. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, StripChat has not disclosed the details of the security breach.

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