Ali’s local life structure adjustment: the establishment of three major business groups and three business divisions

On the evening of March 6, Jiemian News exclusively learned that Ali Local Life Service Company announced a round of organizational structure adjustment, specifically, it will be adjusted to three major business groups and three business divisions.

Among them, Koubei and will be integrated and adjusted into three business groups: Daojia, Daodian, Merchant Middle Office and Innovation; another three business divisions: Logistics Division (Instant Delivery Division), New Retail and Life Services.

After the adjustment, the middle and platform will be collected together, and the products will be unified into one big team.

For the above news, Ali responded that “no comment”.

People familiar with the matter said that after the adjustment of the organizational structure of the local life company, the business group and the business department have the No. 1 position, and the style of play will be more focused. In addition, this year, Ali local life will also have a stronger alliance with Alipay, using traffic to realize cash flow.

“Before, only two companies ( and Koubei) were merged, but the business was just a partnership, each with its own boss and KPI. Now that the business and products are merged into one big team, some businesses may be abandoned, and it is necessary to Concentrate resources to focus on key businesses,” said the person familiar with the matter.

People familiar with the matter said that after the adjustment, Ali’s local life will have big moves this year, fight big battles, and will vigorously expand and recruit people.

At noon today, Ali released a full-staff email announcing that a group of management members were promoted to M5-M7. Among them, Wang Lei, president of local life services, was promoted to M7 (senior vice president). Earlier, according to a late report, Lei Yanqun, the COO of the original car, has joined Ali’s local life service company as the vice president.

These moves mean that Ali will focus on developing local life business this year.

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