Ams and Ibeo make significant progress in bringing solid-state LiDAR technology to the automotive market

China, August 27, 2020-The world’s leading high-performance sensor solutions provider ams Semiconductor (ams AG, Swiss stock exchange stock code: AMS) and German automotive LiDAR sensor technology and related software experts and Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, a global technology leader, announced that the two parties have cooperated in a project to use solid-state LiDAR technology for autonomous driving and bring it to the market, and significant progress has been made. Ams and Ibeo began joint development of ibeoNEXT solid-state LiDAR in 2018. Their goal is to provide solid-state LiDAR suitable for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to the automotive market and promote the popularization of autonomous driving. The two companies successfully developed the industry’s first pure solid-state lidar (LiDAR) sensor. Ibeo will begin to provide samples to global customers in October 2020, which indicates that the two companies are steadily moving towards the goal of launching high-performance and high-quality products and achieving mass production in 2022, and will also help large-scale deployment in the automotive field Solid LiDAR.

“Automotive companies in Europe and the world have adopted our leading products. We are pleased to announce that the cooperation with ams semiconductor has achieved initial results, and we can now provide the first samples to the global market. Ibeo and ams will Continue to cooperate to develop important LiDAR technology for the automotive market, and plan to mass-market in 2022,” said Dr. Ulrich Lages, CEO of Ibeo Automotive Systems.

“Ams Semiconductor and Ibeo are both focused on the development of differentiated technologies. Both parties will continue to provide customers with advanced solutions that meet the reliability and safety standards of the automotive industry, laying a foundation for mass production and launch of products in the next few years. “Basics”, said Pascal Philippon, senior vice president of sales and marketing at ams Semiconductor Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The LiDAR system emits laser pulses and then receives light reflected from various objects. The software uses the so-called time-of-flight (ToF) principle, that is, the time required for the reflected laser pulse to reach the sensor to calculate the distance to the target object. Modern LiDAR systems can process many laser pulses in parallel: the result is a 3D environment model that can identify collision barriers and road signs, vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, as well as their location and movement. This accuracy, coupled with long range and high spatial resolution, is the key advantage of LiDAR technology. Unlike other LiDARs, this solid-state solution has no moving parts that control the beam scanning, such as mechanical or MEMS mirrors. So it has great advantages in reliability and complexity.

Ams semiconductor is developed to provide advancedVCSELThe leader of technology. The company’s high-power VCSELs perform well in mechanical scanning and floodlight lidars because they are less susceptible to a single transmitter failure, are more stable in the operating temperature range, and are easier to integrate. Ams’ VCSELs can form a transmitter array, which makes VCSELs easy to expand. Ams’ technology also supports addressing functions, or powering selected areas of the die, thus realizing pure solid-state lidar (LiDAR). In addition, ams semiconductor R&D department provides enhanced functions and eye protection functions around integrated functional safety standards, and launches highly reliable technologies.

Ibeo’s flagship version, ibeoNEXT, further strengthens the company’s technological leadership in the field of LiDAR sensors. ibeoNEXT solid-state LiDAR provides excellent large detection range, high resolution and large vertical angle. Ibeo’s solid-state LiDAR sensor incorporates its expertise in software and technology, and it is a major milestone on the road to fully autonomous driving.

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