3D printing technology enters the medical field, reshaping the “soul” of drugs in three-dimensional space

3D Printing teeth, 3D printing bones and joints, 3D printing heart models… Since 3D printing technology entered the medical field, this technology has brought many surprises to human beings. In the near future, 3D printing drugs may also come into our lives. Recently, Nanjing Sandieji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.’s first 3D printed drug product, T19, […]

What is the Performance of Silicone?

Basic introduction The basic structural unit of silicone products is composed of silicon and oxygen chain, side chain is connected with other various organic groups through the silicon atom. Therefore, in silicone products structure which contains " the organic group ", and " containing inorganic structure ", characteristics, composition and molecular structure of this special […]

Silicone phone case quality china

silicone phone case is made of premium silicone materical custom fitted for our device. It can keep our wireless device safe, and protected in style with this soft case lightweight, durable construction. It often used to protect digital products, protects your phone from shock and scratches. Our company has various kinds of style and design […]

Preservation Characteristics

Preservation Characteristics The molding operation provides flexibility to custom-design characteristics to acquire and retain parts in the course of assemblage. Parts can nest among ribs or slide directly into built-in retainers for assem-bly with no hardware . In a few products, halves from the assemblage can captivate parts with no extra attachment .This joining strategy […]