Basic procedures and standard requirements for CNC turning

Basic procedures and standard requirements for CNC turning

CNC turning processing steps:
① The outer circle of the rough car. The cutting path is basically used to cut the path, which is convenient for numerical planning during programming. The arc part can be cut in four knives with the concentric turning arc method; the cone part is cut in three knives with the similar oblique line turning and taper method.
② Finish the outer shape surface from right to left.

Select machine environment configuration

According to the requirements of the part drawing, the environment type cnc car environment can be selected to meet the requirements. Therefore, the CJK6136D type cnc horizontal car environment is selected.

Choose a tool

According to the processing requirements, the tool does not interfere with the workpiece during processing. A pointed external turning tool (or an indexable machine clamping external turning tool) can be used to complete the rough and finishing machining.

Because CNC turning processing cuts the workpiece by rotating, it is difficult to maintain the clamping rigidity of the workpiece, reduce the imbalance amount, and increase the cutting speed. Compared with milling with interrupted cutting, turning with continuous cutting has a more adverse effect on tool life. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency machining if the cutting conditions of small depth of cut, high cutting speed, and fast feed are the same as high-speed milling. However, CNC turning processing is also seeking new developments, and it is currently developing technologies required for intensive processing, rapid production, simplification of production equipment, short-term processing cycles, and lower costs.