Board-mount 5W AC/DC for harsh environments

The RECOM RAC05-K/PD3/H is a board-mounted 5W Class II AC/DC converter series aimed at ‘fixed installations’ where higher levels of transients according to over-voltage category III are encountered along with increased environmental pollution levels.

The converters are offered with 5V, 12V or 15V single outputs and incorporate enhanced clearances to satisfy OVCIII up to 5000m altitude. Nominal input ratings are 100VAC to 277VAC, but the parts will resist 480VAC with no damage continuously. The series is rated for service in ‘Pollution Degree 3’ environments, where pollution may become conductive if condensation occurs.

The series is completely protected against short circuits and over-voltage in case of internal abnormalities and meets EN 55032 Class B EMI emissions level (floating output), with no external components. No-load consumption is lower than 0.5W to satisfy eco-design directives. The parts are offered in a 2” x 1” x 1” high package and operate to 70C in free air and 85C (12V part) with 40% derating. Certifications include IEC/EN 62368-1 and UL 61010-1.

Michael Schrutka, RECOM AC/DC product manager comments: “Our new 5W AC/DC converters provide real value when compliance with overvoltage category III is required, especially along with higher levels of protection against ambient air pollution in harsh environments. By elimitated or at least noticeably reduced demand for external suppression components. The parts will find applications in smart grid, renewable energy, smart metering and IoT systems, as well as monitoring food and beverage processing appliances.”