Briefly describe the technological process of precision parts processing

1. Requirements and steps for formulating process regulations

The precision parts processing manufacturer tells you that the process regulations are the technical documents that guide the production, and the process regulations must be economical and reasonable. The process regulations of the parts are the processing methods and steps of the parts. Content: Machining process (heat treatment process), determine the machine tool used in each process, clamping method, measurement method, machining allowance, cutting amount and working hours quota, etc. Fill in each content on a card of a certain form, which is the regulation of the machining process, that is, the machining process card.

2. Process analysis of precision parts processing, the main contents are:

(1) The precision parts processing manufacturer tells you to check whether the drawings of the parts are complete and correct, and analyze whether the accuracy, completeness, and technical requirements of the main parts of the parts can be achieved under the existing production conditions.
(2) Check whether the selection of part materials is appropriate and whether it will make the process difficult and complicated.
Review the structural manufacturability of the parts, and check whether the structure of the parts can be processed economically and effectively.

3. The commonly used process documents are as follows.

(1) Mechanical processing process card: The precision parts processing manufacturer tells you that its main function is to briefly explain the process route of mechanical processing.
(2) Machining process card: The process documents are required to be as detailed and complete as possible. In addition to the process catalog, there are process cards for each process.