How To Calculate Pressure Die Casting Tonnage

Calculation Formula The calculation formula for the selection of die-casting machine: Die-casting machine clamping force (t) = 1.4 * casting projected area * ratio of the projected area of ​​the die casting-the orthographic projected area of ​​the die casting * modulus (CM2). The tonnage of the die-casting machine is indicated by the clamping force of […]

The Numerical Control Cutting Process Of Thread

It is very important for users to use indexable thread turning tool for threading in CNC lathes and machining centers. The correct and reasonable selection of thread cutting technology is very important. The thread cutting process depends on the structure of the machined parts and the CNC machine tool used. Generally speaking, using the right […]

Using pure oxygen burner to reduce energy consumption of ladle preheating

The Wu Steel Works has two workshops, one steelmaking workshop and the second steelmaking workshop. The second steelmaking workshop produces ordinary steel, and the first steelmaking workshop mainly produces small batches of steel grades such as special steel. The production processes include hot metal pretreatment, converter, and RH. Degassing and continuous casting produce about 20 […]

Lost foam casting

 1.1 Overview In 1958, H.F. Shroyer invented the technology of making metal castings with expandable foam plastic models and obtained a patent. The model used at first was made of polystyrene (EPS) board and molded with sand containing binder. The German companies Grunzweig and Harrtmann purchased this patent and developed and applied it. The technology […]