Common Forming Process Of Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon fiber tube is our common carbon fiber products, it is high strength, light weight, such as drones, mechanical arms will have the application of carbon fiber tube, most people do not know much about the production of carbon fiber tube, this paper will give you to introduce the carbon fiber tube molding process.Coil forming is a common forming process in the production of carbon fiber tubes. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and the products produced have stable quality, so it is widely used.First according to the needs of the specifications of the pipe cutting is good in material, carbon fiber, and choose the right inner core mold, then use roll mill, the carbon fiber presoak rolled material only on the inner core mold, when all presoak rolled material, on the surface to a layer of OPP tape, and then into the oven, high temperature curing, finally pulled core mold, can obtain red d carbon steel tubes.Pultruded forming is also a kind of carbon fiber tube production process. Pultruded forming process is to continuously produce carbon fiber tube of unlimited length by means of extrusion mould forming and curing the continuous fiber bundle impregnated with resin under the action of traction.Automatic control is fully realized in the production process, high efficiency, good mechanical properties of the product, to meet the needs of use.

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