Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

On November 9, Ziguang Zhanrui’s autumn online press conference was held on the cloud. CEO Chu Qing explained Xinzhanrui’s corporate strategy – “people’s digital world”. At the meeting, China Unicom’s second-generation 5G CPE VN007+ equipped with Zhanrui 5G chip, Zhanrui 5G RF front-end complete solution, the industry’s first 5G R16-oriented NB-IoT chip V8811, smart cockpit chip solution A7862, and the first domestic A series of blockbuster products such as the car-grade dual-frequency positioning chip A2395 and the flagship smart watch platform W517. Heavyweight guests from China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom also discussed the digital world in the 5G era with Zhan Rui online.

Create a digital world for the people and be the ecological bearer of the digital world

“The needs of most people are the needs of the people and the objects we serve,” said Chu Qing, “Building a digital world for the people is the core concept of all Zhanrui products. There are two very basic elements in the world, one is connection and the other is intelligence. These two elements will be ubiquitous in all our products. Connection and intelligence are the two banners of future technology, and they are also the two major development of Zhanrui products and technology. direction.”

The high-tech industry is the main force in building a digital world. Chu Qing believes that to understand an industry, the most important thing is to look at the form of the industry. To study the high-tech industry, the concept of “industrial chain” of traditional industries cannot be simply copied, and the ecological concept is more suitable. The main chip platform plays a fundamental role in the digital ecology. As one of the few in the world, it fully masters all-scenario communication technologies such as 2G/3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV FM, and satellite communication, and has the scarce large-scale SoC integration capability. Zhanrui is a well-deserved ecological carrier in the digital world.

Accelerating the commercialization of 5G A series of 5G strategic cooperation and 5G terminals are coming

At the press conference, Chen Li, deputy general manager of China Telecom Mobile Terminal Operation Center, shared the latest progress and planning of China Telecom’s 5G development, as well as the cooperation with UNISOC: “The 5G era is an era of integration of cloud and network, China Telecom It is believed that cloud-network integration has four meanings, the network is the foundation, the cloud is the key, the network moves with the cloud, and the cloud and network are integrated. The end-to-end cooperation based on cloud-network capabilities in all scenarios will be the focus of China Telecom’s implementation of cloud-network integration strategy in the future. Among them, cloud terminals are one of the important products for implementing cloud-network integration. We hope that through cooperation with UNISOC, we will jointly accelerate the development and growth of the cloud terminal industry and bring consumers a brand-new 5G + cloud-network integration application experience.”

Wang Hengjiang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Communications Group Terminal Co., Ltd., said at the press conference: “Zhiguang Zhanrui released the T7520 product at the beginning of the year, using an advanced 6-nanometer process. China Mobile is also very much looking forward to such 5G products in the next terminal. Play an active role in development. We look forward to continuing and in-depth cooperation with UNISOC in 5G chips, 5G terminals, 5G performance improvement, brand cooperation, etc. Next year, the industry will face a series of technological opportunities such as 700M, VoNR, and network slicing. We look forward to chip companies like Zhanrui providing technical support at the bottom and working with the industry to play a greater role in the work of 5G empowering thousands of industries.”

Chen Fengwei, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Terminal and Channel Support Center/Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd. said: “UNISOC is one of the world’s major 5G chip manufacturers and a strategic partner of China Unicom. Continue to cooperate in development and promote 5G development in the future, so that UNISOC’s chips can empower more mobile phones, modules and pan-intelligent terminals, so that more partners in the terminal industry chain can enjoy the dividends of cooperation between the two parties, and let the majority of Consumers and industry users can better enjoy the smart experience brought by 5G.”

China Unicom and UNISOC jointly released the world’s first 5G CPE VN007+ that supports complete 3GPP standardized network slicing and eSIM, bringing users a high-speed 5G experience and promoting the acceleration of thousands of industries into an intelligent society where everything is connected.

Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

Comprehensive 5G core strength: Provide 5G solutions from baseband to radio frequency covering all scenarios

In February 2019, Ziguang Zhanrui released its self-developed 5G technology platform Makalu 1.0 and 5G baseband chip Ivy V510 in Barcelona. The single chip supports 2/3/4/5G and fully supports NSA and SA. 5G mobile phones, 5G CPE, 5G modules and other mobile terminals have been commercialized. In February 2020, Ziguang Zhanrui launched the Tiger Ben T7520, which is the industry’s first 5G SoC using the 6nm EUV advanced process technology.

Following the launch of 5G baseband chips and 5G SoCs, UNISOC once again demonstrated its comprehensive 5G technical strength and officially released 5G RF front-end solutions, providing comprehensive 5G chip solutions from baseband to RF. At the same time, for IoT scenarios, the first 5G R16 NB-IoT chip V8811 was launched.

5G RF Front-End Solutions

UNISOC launched a 5G RF front-end solution today to meet the needs of 5G in various complex scenarios, and will bring users excellent battery life, stable and high-quality calls, data transmission rates and network coverage.

Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

UNISOC’s 5G RF front-end solution adopts a modular design and integrates power amplifiers (PAs), switches, filters, and low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), which reduces path loss by 15% compared to the industry average and reduces size 20%, bringing more design space for slim smartphones.

Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

As the first company in China to release the total solution of 5G RF front-end, the 5G RF front-end launched by Ziguang Zhanrui is the most complete of the existing solutions in the domestic open market. It can provide active chips required for the entire RF front-end, starting from customer reference design, From device selection, matching debugging and mass production tracking, the overall delivery cycle is 20% shorter than the industry average, which greatly shortens customer product development time and simplifies development work.

The first 5G R16 NB-IoT chip V8811 brings low-power narrowband IoT products into a new 5G era

UNISOC V8811 is a 5G NB-IoT chip designed based on the latest frozen 3GPP R16 standard, which can coexist with the 5G NR network and access the 5G core network. V8811 allows NB-IoT terminal products to be upgraded from traditional static applications to dynamic applications, and then bears more new application scenarios in the process of 2G network withdrawal, and finally brings low-power narrowband IoT products into the new era of 5G.

Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

As a 5G R16-oriented NB-IoT chip, V8811 not only has leading communication capabilities, but also brings many innovations in features such as safety, reliability, and power saving. Secure and reliable data collection, data storage and data transmission are the cornerstones of the vigorous development of the Industrial Internet of Things. V8811 is the industry’s first NB-IoT chip that supports the national secret algorithm + PSA Level2; The chip is required to have a high level of reliability. V8811 is also Zhanrui’s first industrial-grade 5G NB-IoT chip; in the face of thousands of industries’ pursuit of power saving for low-power narrowband IoT products, V8811 saves power in all scenarios. technology to optimize its power consumption performance by 50% compared to the previous generation.

Leading future travel Smart cockpit chip + vehicle-grade high-precision positioning chip

Future-oriented smart cockpit chip solution A7862

Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

Ziguang Zhanrui launched the eight-core SoC intelligent cockpit solution A7862. Compared with most traditional solutions in the industry, Zhanrui’s chip-level solution has a higher integration level. One chip can open the car network connection and intelligent upgrade. Users bring a safe, reliable and fun-filled intelligent driving experience.

A7862 adopts 12nm advanced technology, integrates 8-core ARM DynamIQ architecture CPU (2 * A75 + 6 * A55) and ARM Mali G52 MP2 GPU, which has 89% higher CPU multi-core processing capacity and 3.4 times higher GPU processing capacity than similar products from competitors ; A7862’s powerful eight-core CPU configuration exceeds 95% of similar products in the current market. A7862 integrates AI enhancement and VDSP (visual signal processor), providing powerful AI computing power that is 2 times higher than the average level of industry competitors.

True intelligence is inseparable from true connection, and SoC products that currently account for more than 96% of the market do not integrate 4G. A7862 integrates 2G3G 4G cellular communication and complete communication capabilities such as Wi-Fi + BT / BLE + FM + GNSS, which can realize “always on” for intelligent vehicle applications.

The first domestic vehicle-grade dual-frequency positioning chip A2395

Creating a digital world for the people: Interpretation of the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Autumn Online Conference from a Full Perspective

As the first vehicle-grade dual-frequency high-precision positioning chip in China, A2395 supports GNSS dual-frequency multi-mode, L1+L5 dual-frequency positioning, and global mainstream positioning systems, providing centimeter-level high-precision positioning, and the positioning accuracy is higher than that of single-frequency products. 10 times higher. The A2395 also has vehicle-grade quality, making the user’s driving experience safer and more reliable.

A2395 uses 22nm process technology, has low power consumption, and is highly integrated with radio frequency, baseband, and power management. A2395 adopts national CPU, supports floating-point operations and MPU, and runs at a maximum frequency of 400MHz.

Use “AI” to empower smart wearables

Flagship smart watch platform W517 released

Ziguang Zhanrui officially released its flagship smartwatch platform – W517 today, which combines advanced technology, super integrated technology and rich immersive experience to bring users a higher performance and richer flagship experience.

The performance of W517 has been comprehensively upgraded. It is composed of quad-core processors. It adopts advanced 12nm process technology and system scheduling technology with continuously variable speed adjustment. It is 10% lower than competing products of the same grade, providing a stronger battery life for the terminal.

At present, the 5G+AI era is accelerating, and connectivity and intelligence are deeply empowering thousands of industries, bringing revolutionary changes to production and lifestyle. UNISOC takes ecology as the core strategy, holds high the technical banners of 5G and AI, and takes value, future and service as the three directions to provide intelligent services for individuals and society. We are hand in hand on the road to a digital world for the people!

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