Description of the style and performance of medical silicone muzzle mask

silicone muzzle and nose mask style:

1. Oxygen port design, convenient for diversified use.


2. Improved designer nose pads and panels are lighter


3. Double smooth nose pad for better sealing and comfort.


4. Use the stable support arm to adjust the best Angle to ensure the tightness and wear comfort.


5. Easy to remove loop knob, new separate washer, easy for the nose cover line to rotate, but also increased night activity.


Medical silicone mouth and nose mask is made of imported silicone rubber material and platinum catalytic system with advanced mechanical molding. The product has been approved by European Union ROHS and American FDA. Medical equipment with high transparency, no smell, specifications can be customized according to user requirements.


Medical silicone cover nose and mouth features: excellent aging resistance, high resistance to tear, have good resilience, permanent deformation, weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance and other characteristics, can be used in – 40 degrees to 220 degrees, the special requirements of up to 300 degrees, non-toxic to human body without stimulation, hydrophobic, breathable, excellent insulation, good physiological inertia and biological stability. In line with food and drug testing standards, room temperature placed unchanged yellow, not spray frost, not white, not fade, long in the water without scale.

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