Ding Lei’s proposal keywords for the two sessions: digital music, digital cultural tourism, new energy

Topic 1: Develop a new model of digital music to stimulate the vitality of traditional music


The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clarified the long-term goal of building a cultural power in 2035. As an important direction for the construction of spiritual civilization, the high-quality development of the digital cultural industry, especially the new cultural formats and cultural consumption modes such as digital cultural tourism and digital music, is of great significance for expanding and strengthening the cultural industry and strengthening cultural self-confidence.


1. The government fully integrates digital music resources, and implements one-to-one precise promotion of traditional music of various ethnic groups and regions;

2. Promote traditional music such as folk songs and operas to combine with new digital music formats such as “music + cultural tourism” and online music performances;

3. Explore the use of AI and other technologies for music creation, and launch AI songs with Chinese cultural characteristics;

4. Set up a special reward fund for original musicians to reduce and exempt taxes on a step-by-step basis to stimulate the vitality of traditional music innovation.

  Topic 2: Integrated development of digital culture and tourism to create an immersive tourism model


In 2020, the new crown epidemic will accelerate the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence in the field of cultural tourism. “Cultural Tourism 1.0” based on historical culture and historical resources will rapidly transform to “Cultural Tourism 2.0” driven by technology. Digital cultural tourism Integration has become an important driving force for the high-quality development of the cultural industry and driving the internal economic cycle.


1. Build a digital cultural and tourism cooperation service platform, broaden the entire industry chain of smart cultural tourism, and deepen the online and offline integration development of technology enterprises, cultural relics units, and tourist attractions;

2. Break the data silos, promote the data sharing and opening of government and enterprises, create a batch of “immersive tourism” model projects, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the cultural tourism industry;

3. The government provides special subsidies and other measures to stimulate consumption, making digital cultural tourism a new growth point for internal circulation after the epidemic.

 Topic 3: Establishing National Standard for New Energy Vehicle Batteries to Promote Green Travel


In the field of travel, new energy vehicles have become a new choice for green travel and have developed rapidly in recent years. However, at the same time, power batteries, as the “heart” of new energy vehicles, have problems such as high production costs and potential safety hazards due to the lack of a binding national standard, which seriously affects the coordinated development of the new energy vehicle industry.


1. Quickly introduce national mandatory standards for power batteries, and adopt the method of “uniform specifications, interoperability and interchange” to reduce the overall cost of the power battery production chain and ensure operational safety;

2. It is recommended to take the power exchange station as the focus of new infrastructure construction, and build a “vehicle-electricity separation” power exchange service network, “exchange and use, exchange and go”, which can effectively solve the pain point of limited cruising range, so as to stimulate the consumption demand of new energy vehicles , to contribute to the “Blue Sky Defense War”.

 Topic 4: Focus on people’s livelihood and call on women to reduce the burden of childbirth


1. Starting from the actual pain points such as high cost of childbirth, too short maternity leave, shortage of children’s medical care, and underdeveloped childcare system, reduce the burden on women and their families in the whole process of childbirth, parenting, and education;

2. Introduce a system of shared maternity leave for husbands and wives as appropriate, increase the joint parenting responsibility of men, the state bears the cost of women’s production, improve children’s medical security, and increase the number of infant and childcare institutions.


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