At the beginning of its popularity in the mid-17th century, the traditional puppet show form was quite simple, and the performance was mainly improvisation. This method is still popular in some Fujian regions. For example, in Taiwan, there are still no verbal expressions such as pendulum and eight immortals. Welcoming performance.

From the 18th century onwards, puppet shows began to pay more attention to their performances, and there appeared talented and beautiful women with performances of more than one hour and trial-type dramas, such as “Four Brocade Skirts” and “Wu Pao Ji” still circulated around the world. The original drama code of “Xi Que Complaint” and so on.

However, literary dramas, which are mainly gifted and beautiful women, and trial cases, are not as popular as martial arts dramas in puppet shows.

Up to now, traditional puppet plays are still dominated by martial arts and historical novels as the mainstream. Among them, the novels of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms,Journey to the West, and Fengshen Bang which are performed in one hour are the most popular.

Generally speaking, except for music, the performances of puppet show are almost always mainly verbal dialogues, and there is no performance such as singing and singing. This feature is quite different from other traditional Chinese dramas.

In addition to the above dramas, after the 1980s, Taiwan, where the puppet show was the only one, developed martial arts, funny [3] science fiction and other dramas. The performance time is still about one hour, and the size of the play no longer follows the ancient puppet show, and is usually not classified as a traditional puppet show. In fact, some Taiwanese audiences do not even consider its performance as a puppet show.