E dismantling: Where is 5G mobile phone more expensive than 4G?Dismantling iQOO Pro 5G tells you

vivo’s sub-brand iQOO took the lead in releasing its first 5G mobile phone iQOO Pro 5G on August 22, 2019. Its brand has always been rooted in cutting-edge technology, mainly for technology enthusiasts and geek users, iQOO Pro 5G is the first mobile phone Products with 5G mobile phone prices in the 3K-4K range are very attractive to users who want to try 5G early.

The vivo iQOO mobile phone will lower the price of 5G, which will be recognized by more people, which can give the brand considerable exposure opportunities and brand premiums.

Yan Zhanmeng, research director of Counterpoint, once said: Compared with 4G, 5G components have a low premium close to the BOM cost to stimulate the market. Its purpose is to hope to seize the first wave of 5G opportunities. Maybe this wave is short-lived or the product is not perfect, but its determination is strong.

E dismantling: Where is 5G mobile phone more expensive than 4G?Dismantling iQOO Pro 5G tells you

iQOO Pro 5G hardware configuration

SoC: Equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 7nm LPP process

Screen: 6.41-inch Super AMOLED screen丨Resolution 2340×1080丨Screen ratio of 83.7%

Storage: 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM

Front: 12MP camera

Rear: 13MP wide-angle camera + 48MP main camera + 2MP secondary camera

Battery: 4410mAh lithium polymer battery

Features: Under-screen fingerprint | Independent AI button | Thermal copper tube for heat dissipation | Game pressure-sensitive buttons | LED light strip on the back cover

Device Analysis Instructions

Before starting the analysis, some concepts and problems of component analysis need to be explained. We purchase the machine through the official open channel of the market. The same component of each product may be supplied by different suppliers. We shall purchase the dismantled machine as the standard.

In the process of component analysis, new products may encounter situations where the brand or specific model cannot be identified. These components account for about 10%; the cost estimate is determined based on the component database, and will be combined with some markets We make corrections through research, but there are many factors that affect the cost of components. For example, the quantity that manufacturers purchase from suppliers will also change the unit price of components, so the error in cost estimation will also have an error of about 10%.

Therefore, the estimated cost of components is for reference only, and will be different from the actual cost.

Device Analysis

E dismantling: Where is 5G mobile phone more expensive than 4G?Dismantling iQOO Pro 5G tells you

We estimate that the cost of the iQOO Pro 5G complete machine is USD 325.03, the total cost of the main control is USD 186.92, and the main control components account for about 57.5% of the cost of the whole machine.

It can be seen that its main control chip uses Qualcomm’s highest-end Snapdragon 855+ chipset. As a 5G mobile phone, it is equipped with a Snapdragon X50 baseband. The cost of a single baseband is already 35 US dollars more than the average 4G mobile phone. Count the antennas, front-end modules, connectors, etc. equipped for the 5G network.

According to experience, if the iQOO Pro is the 4G version, the cost of the main control chip will be around $130, while the 5G version will cost around $50 more than the 4G version.

Except for the extra cost of the 5G baseband, the more “expensive” components including RAMROM are not significantly different from the 4G version.

In addition, we noticed that it uses the Super AMOLEDD screen provided by Samsung. The model is unknown, but according to the current supply level of Samsung screen, this screen belongs to the mid-to-high-end level of AMOLED products, which is in line with the positioning of mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that the iQOO Pro 5G camera solution uses three cameras, the main camera uses a 48-megapixel ultra-clear lens, and the two sub-cameras use a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens. The main camera is Sony IMX 582, the ultra-wide-angle sensor is provided by Samsung, and the depth-of-field camera is provided by Chinese manufacturer Geke Microelectronics.

Geke Microelectronics is located in Shanghai. It is an image sensor chip design company, that is, CMOS image sensor chips, which are mainly used in mobile terminals such as feature phones, smart phones and tablet computers.

It is noted that iQOO Pro 5G performance is at the top position, so it also emphasizes its own game functions. For games, it has added two pressure-sensitive feedback buttons on the mobile phone, which can be used by users to initiate combined operations during games. The pressure-sensing solution is provided by Shenzhen-based manufacturer Chipsea Technology.

E dismantling: Where is 5G mobile phone more expensive than 4G?Dismantling iQOO Pro 5G tells you

Through dismantling, iQOO Pro 5G has a total of 1739 components. Japan provides 1514 components, accounting for 87.1% of the total. The number of components accounts for the highest proportion, and the cost accounts for 11.1%. The ratio is the highest, mainly in camera sensors and flag device connectors.

China provided 162 components, accounting for 9.3% of the total, and the cost accounted for 12.1%.

The United States provided 51 components, accounting for 2.9% of the total, and the cost accounted for 43.1%, ranking the highest in cost, mainly in Electronic components such as the main chipset.

South Korea provides 6 components, accounting for 0.3% of the total, and the cost accounts for 31.6%. The cost of the screen, RAM, and ROM is still very high.

Austria provides 2 modules at a cost of $4.3; the Netherlands provides a total of 2 modules at a cost of $1.52; Switzerland provides 2 modules at a cost of $1.06.

We have sorted out the top five components in terms of cost, which are chip platform, screen, 5G baseband, main camera module, and memory RAM.

As a 5G mobile phone, among the top 5 cost, 5G baseband has entered the list, and its cost is 35 US dollars, only the second screen and the main chipset. If the main chip and 5G baseband are added together, the cost will exceed 100 US dollars. Therefore, the practice of plug-in at the beginning of 5G is not the best way. We also look forward to the second phase of 5G mobile phones in the first half of 2020. The chipset with integrated 5G baseband will gradually mature into mass production.

Speaking of iQOO Pro itself, it is also the 8+128GB version, the 4G version is 3198 yuan, and the 5G version is 3798 yuan, the difference between the two. It has been analyzed above that the main control cost of the BOM is about $50 more for the 5G version than the 4G version. Therefore, it can be inferred that the iQOO Pro 5G is already on sale at a cost close to the BOM, and the price-performance ratio is very high.

The camera module adopts a three-camera structure, but in addition to the main camera provided by Sony and the wide-angle provided by Samsung, the depth-of-field camera supplier is quite surprising. Chinese image CMOS chip manufacturer Geke Micro is the first time to enter the mainstream smartphone. on the supply chain.

Of course, the specific dismantling will not be absent. In the next issue, I will take you to reveal the inside of this mobile phone. Those who can’t wait will poke into the eWisetech search library to reveal more exciting information in advance.

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