Earning 3,656.5 billion less in two years, what mistake did Apple make?

The iteration of the commercial society often widens the gap between the lightning and flint.

“Today you are ignoring my love, tomorrow I will let you down” is not an exception. If you don’t understand it, you can’t see it, and you can’t stand it. In two or three years, the investment logic of investors may be subverted.

Let’s imagine if Zhang Chaoyang invested in Ali and acquired Tencent back then, what would the current situation of the Internet be like?

Let’s think again, if Yahoo had been quicker and less arrogant to Google, would it have avoided bankruptcy later on?

Nothing can be repeated, and fate has no turning back.

Recently, Tesla’s actual controller, Musk, tweeted that in the darkest days of Tesla’s Model 3 project (2018), he tried to reach out to Apple CEO Cook to try to get Apple to acquire Tesla. Sla, but Cook didn’t even give him a chance to meet.

Compared with Tesla’s market value of less than $60 billion in 2018, Tesla’s market value has directly increased tenfold two years later, reaching $627.2 billion (about 4,102.4 billion yuan).

I don’t know how Cook feels at this time (earning 560 billion US dollars less, about 3,656.5 billion yuan).

On the bright side, Apple has always wanted to cut into the field of electric vehicles. When Musk asked for help, the Apple Car Project Titan (Project Titan) was in a period of rapid expansion. At that time, they rented a huge site to develop autonomous driving technology. And actively prepare for off-line cars.

If Apple had bought Tesla outright for $60 billion at the time, Apple might have had a lot less setbacks in its car-building path at this point.

History cannot be repeated. When we study the development history of these enterprises, it is undoubtedly at the most difficult time that we struggled to persevere and realized the reversal of adversity.

BackRub (web crawler) was founded in 1997 by students Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and when they put their energy into the project, they just wanted to get pretty much done and then sell it.

Earning 3,656.5 billion less in two years, what mistake did Apple make?

At the time, the two of them wanted to sell the technology to Yahoo for $1 million (Zhang Chaoyang and Ma Huateng had the same experience).

Larry Page also fantasized about selling the project, continuing his doctoral studies, and then becoming a professor.

For the $1 million offer, Yahoo’s helms Jerry Yang and David Filo rejected them without hesitation. In order to fight for a breath, but also to prove their product value, Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google in the form of private shares the following year.

And the only technology and product they have is search.

In 2000, this century-old year, Yahoo’s market value exceeded 128 billion US dollars, in order to save trouble, they outsourced Yahoo’s search business to Google.

It is in such a strange environment that Google matured step by step. By this time, the idea of ​​Sergey Brin and Larry Page wanting to sell Google was not completely dispelled.

What really disappointed Sergey Brin and Larry Page was a speech when Google wanted the founders of Yahoo to come to Google headquarters to show up and give a speech, and their request was ruthlessly rejected by Yahoo Refused.

Earning 3,656.5 billion less in two years, what mistake did Apple make?

Since then, the two companies have parted ways, and more and more contradictions and conflicts have arisen. Later, Yahoo also tried to acquire Google, but in the end they were all mocked and ruthlessly rejected.

The same thing happened to Tesla, but Apple is not Yahoo.

In 2016, Tesla’s Model 3 electric car almost brought down the company. In order to find a way out, Musk thought of many ways. In 2017, Musk told workers at the Fremont, Calif., plant that the company would face a “hard production” period of six months or more. To solve the bottleneck problem, he even slept on the roof of the factory.

In 2018, Tesla has fallen into a huge crisis. The investment in mass production has led to continuous losses. At the most difficult time, Tesla’s cash was only enough to support one month. In order to solve the company’s problems, Musk also falsely claimed on Twitter that he was considering taking Tesla private. As soon as the remarks came out, Tesla immediately rose by 8%, and he himself was sued by the SEC and finally paid 2,000 million dollars to settle.

According to the time, it is at this time that Cook rejected Musk.

No Jitailai, in 2019, Tesla solved the problem of mass production of Model 3, and at the same time, the Shanghai Gigafactory was put into use quickly, and Tesla got out of the quagmire.

In 2020, Tesla has become the biggest dark horse in the capital market.

History is always strikingly similar. Tesla has grown into a giant. The experience of history tells us that we should try our best not to deny things that we cannot understand.

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