Features For Non Slip Rubber Shoe Covers

Features for Non Slip Rubber Shoe Covers

Non slip rubber shoe covers are made of 100% premium non-toxic high elastic silicone materials, which ensure durability and environmental protection during use. It is durable and flexible, hard to tear, and can be used repeatedly.

Integrated design, it seamlessly covers shoes to prevent water. The bottom of the shoe is made of non-slip lines, very durable, safe to go on rainy days, allowing you to comfortably walk with it.

Our non slip rubber shoe covers are made from light and washable silicone. After they are folded, they become very small and easy for you to put in your schoolbag, backpack, handbag, pocket, briefcase or anywhere else you may find suitable.

These non slip rubber shoe covers are stretchable and can basically fit all shoe sizes. We have sizes for Kids, Women and Men: Small Medium and Large. Please refer to our SIZE CHART and choose the right size.

Whether you are cutting the grass, washing the car, walking the dog, camping, going to a festival, the beach, fishing, playing in the snow or watching local sports, you will find these portable silicone shoe covers perfect to keep your shoes clean and dry.

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