The puppet show is characterized by the direct manipulation of the actors with their fingers, so the movements are fast and powerful. Longxi puppet show is good at performing martial arts. The puppet head is the main part of its structure, and the sculptors Xu Niansong, Xu Zhuchu and his son made outstanding contributions. They carefully studied the facial makeup of various dramas and characters, combined with their own experience and artistic accomplishment, and carved and painted many puppets that deeply embody typical personalities, good and evil, loyal and traitor, in various poses.

Kung fu is the key to his performance art. The actors use different standing, head, hand, and walking positions of the puppet to create an image of the puppet with inner activities. It is generalized, exaggerated and true, and “reverse” ( The manipulative skills of the puppet’s “back hand”) and “flying set” (the puppet flies out, or jumps into the air, or jumps over the wall, and slips into the other hand) is even more amazing. Handbag actors have three “selfs”-actors, roles, and puppets. They often play more than two roles with their hands at the same time. They are multi-tasking and can respond freely, which shows their difficulty and actor’s skill.