Food Grade Silicone Tube

     In today’s people’s lives, various new types of daily necessities and work equipment have emerged. The most obvious new type of material is the wide application of food grade silicone tubes. For example, connecting pipes for medical equipment, various drainage tubes, connecting tubes for children’s cups in the food industry, drinking fountains, catheters in coffee pots, etc.

Characteristics of food grade silicone tube

First, non-toxic environmental performance
Since it is used in the food application industry, the most important feature of the food grade silicone tube is that it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It not only does not contain substances harmful to human health, but also requires stable chemical properties, and the food grade silicone tube material is The concentrated silicic acid inorganic polymer material has good transparency and is non-toxic and tasteless.

Second, resilience and flexibility
It is believed that the person who has used and contacted the food grade silicone tube product knows that the silicone tube is very soft to the touch, and its elasticity is also very good. Even if it is squeezed or kinked by external force, it will recover in time after the external force disappears. In the original state, there will be no deformation, crushing damage or twisting and cracking, which greatly improves the service life of the product.

Third, under high temperature and low temperature
In life, all kinds of connecting pipes and pipes will be deformed due to high temperature or low temperature, and the food grade silicone tube is extremely resistant to cold and high temperature, and can be applied between minus 60 degrees and three Baidu without damage.

These advantages of food grade silicone tube are the reason why it is widely used, and it is believed that in the future development, the performance of this product will be more superior and convenient for us.

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