Foxconn in talks to buy Macronix fab

Foxconn in talks to buy Macronix fab

“Our team has expressed interest in their 6-inch fab and will proceed with the talks,” says Foxconn Chairman Young Liu (pictured).

Liu says that Foxconn needs the fab as a source of ICs for its EV production plans. Foxconn has produced a standard EV chassis which it is making available to auto companies around the world as a basis for their models.

Foxconn is also looking at acquiring an 8-inch fab in Malaysia owned bySilterra.

“Either a 6-inch, 8-inch, or specialty fabs are what we are focusing on. In fact, many automotive chips are made using the 6-inch production process,” says Liu.

Commenting on the chip shortage, Liu says: “”We received all kinds of rush orders from all of our clients across sectors and many have expressed a widening range of chip shortages. The impact on shipments of existing orders will be around 10%, and on new orders “will be bigger.”