French Finance Minister: Huawei can enter French 5G network equipment suppliers

On February 13th, French Minister of Economy and Finance Le Maire said in an interview with French media on the 13th that China’s Huawei will not be excluded from France’s 5G network equipment suppliers, but France has “restrictions” when developing 5G networks. “to protect “France’s sovereign interests”. In response to questions about whether the security review period given to Huawei’s equipment is significantly shorter than that of European equipment such as Nokia and Ericsson, Le Maire said “it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.”

Le Maire said that it is understandable that France favors European equipment manufacturers in the development of 5G networks, “but from the perspective of technology and quotations, if Huawei provides a better choice, it can enter the French 5G network.”

He also said that France will “impose some restrictions” in sensitive areas such as military and nuclear facilities nearby to protect France’s “sovereign interests”. “This does not mean that there is discrimination.”

Several French media recently reported that the French government authorities are planning to take a number of restrictive measures against Huawei’s participation in the construction of France’s 5G network, including prohibiting Huawei’s 5G equipment from entering dozens of major French cities, and giving Huawei equipment significantly shorter than Nokia, Ericsson and other European equipment. security review period, etc.

The British government and the European Commission have recently released policy documents on 5G construction. Local media and experts generally believe that these policy documents essentially “give the green light” for Huawei to continue participating in local 5G construction.

In this regard, the Chinese Embassy in France said on the 9th that if France really needs to impose certain restrictions on operators for security reasons, it should have open and transparent standards and treat all companies equally. Discriminatory treatment based on the country to which the enterprise belongs is obviously discrimination and protectionism in disguise. This is not in line with the principles of a market economy and violates the rules of free trade.

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