From advanced devices to system-level solutions, ROHM helps industrial motor design

As a key product of global energy consumption, various types of motors consume more than half of the world’s power resources, which shows the important role of motor applications in the operation of the entire society, especially under the guidance of various digital industrial upgrading trends, the function is becoming more and more powerful. Electric motor systems are playing an increasingly important role in industrial applications.


As a key product of global energy consumption, various types of motors consume more than half of the world’s power resources, which shows the important role of motor applications in the operation of the entire society, especially under the guidance of various digital industrial upgrading trends, the function is becoming more and more powerful. Electric motor systems are playing an increasingly important role in industrial applications. Therefore, how to achieve a more efficient and energy-saving motor system plays a decisive role in the operation efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the entire industrial system, and is also of great significance to the energy conservation and environmental protection of the entire world.


Industrial motors are the key field of motor applications. Without an efficient motor system, it is impossible to build an advanced automated production line. Due to the harsh application conditions and strict performance requirements, the design of complex industrial motor systems involves many components and products. Each of them performs their own duties in the system to jointly create an efficient and reliable complete motor solution. For a typical industrial motor system, in addition to the standard motor control unit, the power device determines the energy efficiency of the system, the control power supply can ensure the reliability of the system, and the sensor can greatly improve the automation and intelligence of the system. The system is also inseparable from the cooperative work of these devices.

In order to meet the new needs of users, ROHM not only provides various advanced components for motor systems such as power devices, sensor interfaces and voltage regulators, but also creates many system-level solutions to help customers build advanced industrial motor systems.

1. High-efficiency power devices help high-efficiency motor systems

The output power is one of the most important indicators of the motor system. The input-output power ratio represents the working efficiency of the motor. How to fully improve the energy conversion efficiency of the industrial motor system needs to fully improve the output power of the motor and adopt advanced power devices. It can intuitively improve the efficiency of the system. ROHM’s power component products exhibit excellent characteristics in various forms, and meet customer needs through solution design that can take advantage of these characteristics. For different design features, ROHM can provide a variety of products from semiconductor wafers to chips, from discrete devices to power modules, so as to fully meet customer design requirements.

As a representative technology of the third-generation semiconductor, power devices made of SiC materials have the characteristics of high withstand voltage and high power, and are very suitable for systems pursuing higher frequency and higher efficiency. As one of the earliest manufacturers of SiC materials, ROHM can Provide high-performance modules with built-in excellent high-voltage, high-current power components, and also provide high-performance SiCMOSFETs and SiCSBDs (Schottky Barrier Diodes) in various specifications such as chips, power packages, and surface mount packages. products that maintain high efficiency of the entire system even with increasing frequency, thereby accelerating customer innovations for industrial equipment motors.

In addition to SiCMOSFETs and SBDs of new materials, the PrestoMOS™ series developed by ROHM specially for energy saving of motors and inverters is optimized for diodes with built-in 600V super junction MOSFETs, and its recovery time (trr) is compared to conventional products It is reduced by 80%, and at the same time, it can effectively reduce the switching loss, improve the regeneration performance of the motor system, reduce the EMI noise of the motor system, and suppress the reverse voltage during braking.

On the other hand, ROHM’s 650V withstand voltage fast recovery diode can safely suppress the reverse voltage during braking, and by repeatedly improving the soft recovery characteristics, it provides a compromise between recovery time and forward voltage, which is easy to implement a motor system of low EMC noise. In particular, ROHM offers “Low Forward Voltage/Ultra-Low Noise Series” that emphasizes soft recovery and reduces noise including ringing, and “Lower forward voltage/ultra-low noise series” that achieves high-speed recovery and reduces recovery energy according to actual needs. High recovery time/ultra low noise” series to meet customers’ different system design requirements.

In addition, ROHM offers gate drivers and gate driver series with built-in insulating elements. By compactly composing the inverter drive circuit with multi-channel gate drivers, half-bridge applications can be built safely, thereby preventing both high-side and low-side open circuits at the same time, and by providing 1200V high-side floating withstand voltage, helping customers develop safety and functionality Performance-oriented motor system. In particular, ROHM provides BS2132F products with built-in bootstrap diodes. While building a compact system with 6-channel high-side and low-side, the overcurrent detection value can be set according to the system, thereby improving system safety. In terms of gate driver products with built-in insulating components, ROHM can provide 3,750V dielectric withstanding voltage drivers, and realize the miniaturization of the system in an ultra-thin package. The product series with 2,500V insulation withstand voltage and various safety features can detect the drive abnormality of power devices by monitoring the gate state, prevent thermal runaway through temperature shutdown, and safely control power components through soft shutdown. , thereby greatly improving the reliability of the motor system.

2. The regulator that determines the stability of the motor system

Stability is one of the most important safety performance indicators for industrial motor systems. A stable motor control system first requires a correct and stable control power supply. As a comprehensive power system solution provider that can provide power components and power control technology, ROHM In addition to DC/DC converters for primary side power supplies and secondary side non-isolated power supplies for converters, inverters, control circuits, and input +24V isolated power supplies, it also provides reference designs, custom circuit support, and transformer design support , One-way design support from AC/DC to DC/DC and testing support for related electrical characteristics.

ROHM’s high withstand voltage primary power supply solutions for AC400V~AC690V control power supplies are available in two forms: external SiCMOSFET and built-in SiCMOSFET, as well as evaluation kits and application notes for easy operation evaluation, which can assist customers in the design and implementation of the whole machine. Expanded the scope of application. This solution makes full use of the high speed and low RDS(on) primary power supply circuit of the 1700V withstand voltage SiCMOSFET specially developed for the power supply of industrial equipment auxiliary equipment and the combination of the SiC dedicated high voltage input AC/DC controller to provide customers with a comprehensive solution reference design. In terms of AC100V~AC240V control power supply with medium withstand voltage primary power supply IC, ROHM provides a reference solution for AC/DC converter with built-in 650V/800VMOSFET, with input AC voltage monitoring, high-precision secondary side overvoltage protection, current Open-circuit and short-circuit protection of the sense resistor, dynamic over-current limiting and other functions, and a low-EMILB-level driver circuit with a 10-year supply guarantee. In addition, ROHM also provides a series of insulating control ICs that can be widely used in commercial power supplies (AC90V~AC264V) and DC24V~28V power supplies. It constitutes an isolated switching power supply circuit suitable for input voltage.

In terms of voltage regulation applications, ROHM also provides constant voltage regulators and surge absorbing diodes for secondary power supplies, as well as high-efficiency and miniaturized DC/DC converters for secondary power supplies for customers to design complete motor systems. Select Adopt.

3. Sensing – the right assistant for precise motion control

One of the main tasks of the motor system is motion control, and motion control requires sensors that transmit motion correctly. For the motor system, the AD converter that converts the analog information of the sensor into digital is very important. In this regard, ROHM also provides advanced and diverse components, such as current detection shunt resistors required for accurate and safe current detection, its Kionix triaxial accelerometer that detects vibration and notifies equipment abnormalities, and AD converters The LAPIS industrial microcontroller ML62Q1000 series, which is rich in analog interfaces, can meet customers’ design requirements for various industrial motors.

ROHM’s GMR series high-power low-resistance shunt resistors have the advantages of less loss in high-power areas and can perform current detection with high precision. The low resistance field can also achieve the advantages of excellent resistance temperature coefficient and high rated power guarantee, which greatly improves the safety, stability and reliability of the system. The LTR low-resistance series of shunt resistors suitable for current sensor applications in medium-power motors uses a long-side electrode structure to shorten the distance between terminals and reduce the mechanical stress on the welding joint, thereby better adapting to temperature changes and greatly improving the connection. reliability.

The device data acquisition of industrial motor systems is an important application of sensors, and acquiring these data helps to better monitor the operation and health of the motor system. In terms of the health monitoring of industrial equipment, the three-axis accelerometer KX134-1211 and KX132-1211 of ROHM’s Kionix have the operating temperature increased to 105 degrees, which are widely used in various frequency and acceleration monitoring, especially in line with the motor vibration of industrial equipment. Analysis and other machine health monitoring needs. ROHM’s temperature sensor ICs have built-in temperature monitoring elements, constant current, and high-precision reference power supply voltages in a single chip, and can be used in various Electronic devices that require temperature detection.

4. Take advantage of devices to build system-level solutions

With the advantages of high efficiency and high reliability of its own components, ROHM has combined products suitable for the three major applications of power devices, voltage regulators and sensor control into solutions, hoping to help customers use ROHM’s technology to more quickly and efficiently. Develop advanced motor systems to better serve the ever-changing industrial automation industry.

4.1 Three-phase AC400V input industrial inverter driver solution

Among the first three system-level solutions, the three-phase AC400V input industrial inverter driver solution can be said to be a severe test for power components. This solution integrates many SiC components and power modules of ROHM. As a pioneer of SiC components, ROHM not only develops a variety of advanced SiC devices, but also develops IGBT components, and provides gate drivers for driving components, AC/DC converters with built-in SiC for power control, etc., together with products such as sensor interfaces and voltage regulators, allow customers to quickly create high-reliability and high-efficiency solutions that suit their needs.

From advanced devices to system-level solutions, ROHM helps industrial motor design

Three-phase AC400V input industrial variable frequency motor system block diagram

4.2 Three-phase AC100~240V input industrial AC servo system

In contrast, the three-phase AC 100~240V input industrial AC servo system for medium voltage applications demonstrates ROHM’s comprehensive component development capabilities centered on IPM that integrates gate drivers and power components. It integrates 600V IGBT-IPM, IGBT for brake, fast recovery diode, and gate driver with built-in 3750V withstand voltage insulating element. For AC servo systems, sensors are as important as power devices. In this solution, ROHM provides a wealth of sensors and microcontroller products for power control systems, including Kionix’s 3-axis acceleration sensor and its LAPIS for industrial equipment. to provide customers with a complete and easy-to-use rapid prototyping system-level solution.

From advanced devices to system-level solutions, ROHM helps industrial motor design

Three-phase AC100~240V input industrial AC servo system block diagram

4.3 AC100~240V, DC24V~48V non-insulated motor drive system solution

For embedded industrial equipment such as automatic doors and screen doors, as well as non-insulated motor applications such as battery-driven AGVs, electric wheelchairs and welfare facilities, ROHM can also provide various products and complete solutions in the form of systems according to the application. Device startup provides fast support. In ROHM’s AC100~240C and DC24V~48V non-isolated motor drive system solutions, ROHM provides products such as 600V IGBT-IPM, IGBT/MOSFET high and low side 3-phase bridge drivers and industrial 16-bit microcontrollers, which are convenient for customers A better match suits your design needs.

In particular, with the wide application of AI technology, ROHM has also launched small mobile tools developed for AI intelligently controlled AGVs, mobile methods used in medical and nursing fields, and short-distance commuter vehicles, using rechargeable batteries as the power source The low-voltage, non-isolated motor drive reference design (available in ~50W, ~150W, and ~300W depending on the application), and comprehensive design support, for applications requiring low speed, high torque from start-up, using ROHM devices such as pre-drivers, gate drivers, and MOSFETs, enabling a small, high-efficiency reference design.

From advanced devices to system-level solutions, ROHM helps industrial motor design

Block diagram of single-phase AC100V~AC240V non-insulated motor drive system

From advanced devices to system-level solutions, ROHM helps industrial motor design

Block diagram of DC24V~DC48V industrial motor drive system

5. Outlook

“From the ground up, every brick and tile is the foundation.” This is also true for industrial motor design. The rapid development of the industrial field and the technological progress of motor products are complementary. With the continuous deepening of informatization and automation in modern industrial production, the demand for a complete intelligent motor system integrating motor, diagnosis, protection, control, communication and other functions will also increase, and the requirements will become more and more strict. Continue to focus on various advanced devices inside industrial motors, and use more innovative products and solutions to help customers create modern industrial motor systems that meet the needs of the times.

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