From TV phones to electric cars, Jia Yueting just lost time?

The end of the mountain is still the mountain.

Ups and downs, Jia Yueting still sent FF into the door of Nasdaq. Faced with “the separation of his wife and children” and the inability to return home, I wonder if Jia Yueting ever regretted chasing the ethereal dream of “ecological rebellion”.

Switching from TV to mobile phone, from mobile phone to electric car, the business logic of linking one link after another, sent the LeTV department in the wind and rain to the ICU, but it became the later Xiaomi. After opening up the mobile phone industry chain, Lei Jun interprets the “ecological anti” model to the extreme, starting from nothing in ten years, and finally surpassing the “love and kill” Gree.

On March 30, Lei Jun stood on the big stage of Xiaomi headquarters with tears in his eyes and announced: “I am willing to put all the honors and achievements I have accumulated in my life to fight for Xiaomi Auto.”

This scene seems familiar. Standing in Wukesong Stadium five years ago, Jia Yueting also called for the unmanned LeSEE with tears in his eyes.

In the big brother’s arena, losing money is not a loss, but losing time is a loss.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, said some time ago: “In addition to having money to build cars, the key is that if the strategic direction of the company is wrong, it may not be too much to lose 5 billion, but if you lose three years, this is very important. . How much will these three years be worth? Money can’t buy it.”

Wang Chuanfu’s words are the truest portrayal of Jia Yueting’s life in the past few years.

Extending endlessly from movie websites, from sports industry to entertainment industry, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yimou, Wang Sicong, Liu Tao, Sun Honglei… Behind these catchy names is Jia Yueting’s big cake for the future.

Perhaps too much capital is needed and personal capacity is too limited. Sun Hongbin brought 15 billion funds and finally failed to fill the hole in the LeTV department. A rescue battle comparable to the movie level was finally exchanged for tears on the spot.

Jia Yueting is lucky and unfortunate. Fortunately, he did not clean up the mess of LeTV in the end, but chose to go far to build a car. Unfortunately, the dream of “ecological anti” may be realized even a year or two later.

Putting aside the days of LeTV, I wonder if Jia Yueting has ever reflected on whether it is more important to have 20 billion in cash or is it more important to build a car?

On the day of FF’s listing, Bi Fukang and Jia Yueting appeared on Nasdaq in the FF 91. Facing the camera, Jia Yueting, who has no shares, told the media with a smile: “FF91’s competitor is not Tesla, but the subversion of traditional ultra-luxury car brands such as Ferrari and Maybach Bentley.”

Three days after its listing, Jia Yueting revealed on social platforms that the FF 91, which is limited to 300 units worldwide, has been snapped up.

The price is 180,000 US dollars, and the domestic price is more than 2 million yuan. Is it really worth buying? Maybe users who book cars have already conveyed their choices and answers to the outside world with practical actions.

Rich people don’t care about price, they only care about cost performance. A person who participated in the FF “Family Banquet” once described: “The advanced design still has great competitiveness even now, especially in terms of driving experience and intelligence, which are far superior to Tesla.”

Jia Yueting also believes that FF 91 is currently the only top product in the field of smart electric cars that is one level higher than Tesla Model X and S Plaid in terms of product and technical positioning.

The future will return to the future, and only after the mass production of Jia Yueting’s missing “credit” can there be some permission to reshape.

Recently, Tianyancha showed that Jia Yueting added a new piece of information about the person to be executed, and the target of execution was about 456 million. Combining the previous 11 pieces of information to be executed, the cumulative amount was nearly 9.5 billion.

This is how life is. Sometimes, if you take a wrong step, you will fall into a bottomless abyss.

In 2019, Xiaomi Technology Park was officially completed. Lei Jun once said excitedly: “The completion of Xiaomi’s headquarters marks the beginning of a new milestone. At the same time, he is very emotional, and finally does not have to move around.”

In the same year, the third phase of Shimao Engineering, which Jia Yueting bought from Shimao shares at a total price of 2.972 billion yuan, was officially auctioned. The starting price was 2.302 billion yuan, but it was passed in. After three rounds of auctions, finally on July 29 this year, after the fifth auction, after 24 hours, the third phase of Shimao Gong finally sold for 1.645 billion.

The conclusion of the third phase of Shimao Gong’s auction marks that Jia Yueting has found a taker for the most valuable assets in China. Since then, Jia Yueting’s mark will become weaker and weaker, until FF 91 is completely successful and Jia Yueting has completely turned over.

The Internet will always leave traces, and the public is always “forgetful”. The listing of FF has added many variables to Jia Yueting’s numerology. Perhaps many people still firmly believe that he is a “liar”, but as time goes by, these will not be particularly important.

Because, people’s tolerance to the winners is always much more generous than the losers.

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