Graphcore IPU integrated into Atos’ ThinkAI offering

Graphcore IPU integrated into Atos’ ThinkAI offering

This partnership will mutually benefit both parties. Atos’ long-standing position as a European leader in HPC and trusted advisor, provider and integrator of HPC solutions at scale will give Graphcore access to a multitude of new customers, sectors and geographies.

Graphcore in turn will work with Atos globally to expand its global reach by targeting large corporate enterprise in sectors including finance, healthcare, telecoms and consumer internet as well as national labs and universities focused on scientific research, which are rapidly developing their AI capabilities.

ThinkAI brings together Atos’ AI business consultancy expertise – with its experts at the AtosCenter of Excellence in Advanced Computing – with its digital security capabilities and its software, such as Codex AI Suite and Atos HPC Software Suites, to enable organizations to accelerate time to AI operationalization and industrialization. 

Graphcore, the UK-headquartered maker of the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), plays a significant role in Atos’ ThinkAI offering, which is focused on the twin objectives of accelerating pure artificial intelligence applications and augmenting traditional HPC simulation with AI. Graphcore’s IPU-POD systems for scale-up datacentre computing will be an integral part of ThinkAI.

Even before today’s formal launch of the partnership, the two companies welcomed their first major joint customer, one of the largest cloud providers in South Korea, which will be using Graphcore systems in large-scale AI cloud datacenters, in a deal facilitated by Atos.

“ThinkAI represents a massive commitment to the future of artificial intelligence by one of the world’s most trusted technology companies. For Atos to have put Graphcore as a key part of its strategy says a great deal about the maturity of our hardware and software, and the ability of our systems to deliver on customer needs,” said Fabrice Moizan, GM and SVP Sales EMEAI and Asia Pacific at Graphcore.

Agnès Boudot, Senior Vice President, Head of HPC & Quantum at Atos said: “With ThinkAI, we’re making it possible for organizations from any industry to achieve breakthroughs with AI. Graphcore’s IPU hardware and Poplar® software is opening up new opportunities for innovators to explore the potential of AI for their organizations, complemented with our industry-tailored AI business consultancy, digital security capabilities and software such as Atos Codex Suite, we’re excited to be orchestrating these cutting-edge technologies in our ThinkAI solution.”