How to distinguish ordinary silicone tube from imported silicone tube?

      Recently, we have often received such customer advice, customers want to purchase several silicone tubes, they do not know whether to choose ordinary or imported, as a professional senior silicone tube manufacturers to tell you what is ordinary silicone tube and imported silicone tube (also known as platinum silicone tube), what is the difference between them?

       A general common silicone tube is mainly used in industry, electronics, instruments, transportation pipes, household appliances, and other special environments to protect the cycle of the carrier. Imported silicone tube is a food grade or medical grade silicone tube mainly used for food utensils (coffee pot, boiling kettle, ironing bucket, rice cooker, etc.). (frying pans, water dispensers, machines, toasters, tools, water heaters), medical equipment (silicone fittings, infusion tubes, catheters), etc.

        Ordinary silicone tube is generally made of ordinary silicone and traditional curing agent, lower cost, but after some time will slowly turn yellow, long-term use will also weaken the physiological inertia but has the advantages of easy processing, high output, very suitable for the machinery industry.

        The imported silicone tube is made of high-quality silicone raw materials, platinum curing agent vulcanized and formed, compared with the traditional silicone tube, has safe environmental protection, environmental protection, and environmental protection. High transparency, yellow resistance, stretch resistance, non-toxic and odorless, long service life and physiological inertness, biological anti-aging, etc., more assured use. In the food and medical industry, silicone tubes are of such high quality and safety that we must ensure that they do not pose a risk to human health. Imported silicone tube happens to meet these conditions. But the processing process of imported silicone tube is complicated, the output is relatively low, the production cost is high, and you must use products produced by professional manufacturers. It is the only way to better ensure product quality and performance.

When purchasing silicone tubes, you need to first determine their purpose, and then to distinguish their different characteristics.

1. Look at the transparency

Generally, ordinary silicone tube transparency is poor, the surface gloss is low, poor reflection, haze feeling. Imported silicone tube high transparency, good stability, feel bright.

2. Smell

Compared with imported silicone tube, ordinary silicone tube is irritating, so ordinary silicone tube can not be used in food containers, not good for the human body. Safety and health.

3. Pull the silicone tube

Hold the silicone tube in both hands and pull on both ends. If it’s whitish, it’s a regular silicone tube, and the opposite is an imported silicone tube.


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