MELF resistor offers exceptional electrical and environmental performance

When designing high-reliability applications, engineers are challenged to find a Resistor that satisfies the electrical demands at a fair cost. If AEC compliance is needed, the challenge of obtaining a component in stock is even greater. Stackpole Electronics provides engineers with a solution for these applications with its MLFA Series. The MLFA is an AEC-Q200 compliant MELF resistor that provides excellent electrical and environmental performance with low thermal resistance.

MLFA test performance for the main resistance value range is as follows includes biased humidity (85C/85% R.H. 10% rated power 1000 hours) = +/-0.5%; operational life (MIL-STD-202, method 108) = +/-0.25% ; and short time overload (RCWV * 2.5 or max. overload voltage for five seconds) = 0.1%.

The device stability and reliability are ideal for audio equipment, industrial controls, motor controls, automotive, test equipment, and instrumentation applications.