MIKROE launches Planet Debug-the first hardware-as-a-service platform in the embedded design industry

December 06, 2021: MikroElektronika (MIKROE), as an embedded solution company that greatly shortens development time by providing innovative hardware and software products based on mature standards, today launched Planet Debug, a hardware-as-a-service platform. Enables designers to remotely develop and debug embedded systems without having to invest in expensive hardware.For only US$4/day, designers can configure remote Planet Debug workstations and design according to their own requirements. They can develop and debug their own application codes through MIKROE’s NECTO Studio IDE (integrated development environment) without purchasing hardware. , Wait for delivery and plug them all in before use.

MIKROE launches Planet Debug-the first hardware-as-a-service platform in the embedded design industry

Nebojsa Matic, CEO of MIKROE, said: “For designers who want to use a certain kind of hardware for a long time, the best way is still to buy Fusion development boards, SiBRAIN MCU cards and Click peripheral boards that cost about $400. It will have strong design flexibility and fast time to market. But for designers who are still evaluating various hardware methods, or for designers who only need 10 days of development time, they can use the 74 It only costs $4 a day to book the use time in a development board. We will configure them with the required MCU/peripheral/Display combination, and they can carry out development and design work the next day. The beauty is that through NECTO , You can see the real image of the development board in real time-not the simulated image. “Planet Debug hardware as a service is created by MIKROE’s innovative CODEGRIP, and is the world’s first device that allows programming and debugging via WiFi connection.

By using Planet Debug, users can save development time and money. They can also “try first and buy later” and can change peripherals, monitors and even MCUs without having to buy any hardware, learn any new software, or write any new code. Planet Debug is especially suitable for students and professionals. In an educational environment, resources can be shared, and systems can be built without configuration. For designers, time is money, Planet Debug can quickly start and run to meet the changing needs of product marketing. In addition, the problem of chip shortage will not affect development time.

Currently, there are Planet Debug operations centers in MIKROE, nearby Novi Sad University, the United States (Minnesota) and Mexico. Matic predicts that a Planet Debug operation center will be established in Asia soon, but anyone can use the equipment in the Planet Debug operation center no matter where in the world. He finally said: “The future of design lies in “Hardware as a Service”. It is difficult for everyone to appreciate this now because there are many products on the market: Click peripheral boards based on standard jacks and SiBRAIN MCU cards; Fusion development boards, CODEGRIP and NECTO. However, for us, the ultimate goal is to integrate them into the Planet Debug platform. This will completely change the landscape of embedded design.”

About MikroElektronika

MikroElektronika (MIKROE) is committed to changing the embedded electronics industry by using industry standard hardware and software solutions. In 2011, the company invented the mikroBUS development socket standard and the compact Click board using this standard, greatly shortening the development time. Now, the company has launched its 1,000th Click board, ten times more than its competitors, and the mikroBUS standard has been incorporated into its development boards by leading companies such as Microchip Technology, Renesas, and Toshiba. In addition, MIKROE is a supplier covering the most variety of compilers in the world, and provides development environments, development boards, smart displays and program debuggers, etc.

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