Molex Develops Next-Generation In-Vehicle Ethernet Platform for Complete Vehicle Ecosystem

Molex has been an active participant and leader in the Ethernet standards consortium, including the IEEE 802 TSN, security, and IEEE 802.3 working groups, and is the original developer and key promoter of the IEEE 802.1DG TSN standard profile. A standard profile will be applied to the draft standard for “Automotive Vehicle Ethernet Communication Profile”.

Potts added: “The future development of software-defined in-vehicle communication networks requires a system-level approach that allows the fusion of current vehicle functional requirements with new adaptive applications to increase data traffic while increasing data throughput. , will require the use of smaller, more precise deterministic signals, and we expect end-to-end latency to be close to zero.”

The next-generation in-vehicle Ethernet platform developed by Molex enables a complete vehicle ecosystem, spanning hardware and software and interconnect cabling systems, enabling seamless multi-region integration and scalability for future upgrades.

For information, visit the Automotive Ethernet Platform webpage.

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