More than 80% of express delivery capacity has been restored

“I usually deliver around 200 express deliveries per day, but recently, the express delivery volume has increased rapidly. This morning alone, I delivered almost 300 tickets, which is more than during the ‘Double 11’.” In a community located in Futian District, Shenzhen At the temporary delivery point of express delivery, a courier from China Post happily told a reporter from Securities Daily.

Since the Spring Festival of 2020, despite the interference of epidemic factors, express delivery companies have been operating in February while taking effective epidemic prevention and control measures. According to data released by the State Post Bureau recently, as of February 28, the number of workers returning to work in the postal industry across the country reached 2.46 million, with a work resumption rate of 90.2%. The production rates reached 81% and 80% respectively, exceeding the goal of “recovering 60% of production capacity by the end of February”.

Regarding the rapid recovery of express delivery capacity, Yang Daqing, a special researcher of the China Society of Logistics, said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily that the rapid recovery of express delivery capacity is mainly due to several aspects: First, the epidemic is being effectively controlled. Second, all departments and industry organizations work together to relieve the financial pressure of enterprises and promote the resumption of work and production. The third is active measures including Alibaba and other open platforms. Tmall and Cainiao have launched a special anti-epidemic fund of 1 billion yuan to reduce or exempt related technical service fees and relieve the cost pressure of express delivery companies. According to the current progress, it is optimistic that the full resumption of work may be achieved in mid-March, but it depends on the progress of epidemic prevention and control.

On March 2, a reporter from “Securities Daily” visited a number of express delivery terminal outlets and community express delivery temporary settlement sites in Futian District, Shenzhen, and found that some communities have set up “contactless” express delivery reception points during the epidemic period. If the households are far away, special property personnel will be arranged to transport them uniformly by carts.

According to the reporter’s information from the staff of a number of express delivery company outlets, the staff at the outlets have basically resumed work. A Shentong courier told reporters that their branch is located in a nearby community. At present, only one of the more than 20 couriers at the branch has not returned to work because it is located in an area where the epidemic is severely affected, and the resumption rate is over 90%.

In fact, with the recovery of the express transportation network, it has also brought convenience to online shopping for many home people who are keen on online consumption. Some couriers also reported to reporters that the current express delivery volume is higher than usual.

According to the China Express Development Index Report for January 2020 released by the State Post Bureau, affected by the epidemic, the express delivery business volume in February is expected to be about 3 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 10%. At the same time, the report believes that due to the continuous strengthening of the substitution effect of online consumption and the increasing role of the industry in smoothing the flow of materials, the capital market’s expectations for the growth of the express delivery industry have increased slightly.

Regarding this situation, express delivery expert Zhao Xiaomin expressed his opinion to the reporter of “Securities Daily”, he said: “The number of express delivery during this period is relatively large, largely because of the large backlog during the Spring Festival, plus From the Spring Festival to the present, consumers’ online shopping has rebounded rapidly, resulting in a sharp increase in the volume of express delivery in a short period of time.”

It is worth noting that the four major A-share express delivery companies have recently released unaudited January operating briefings, and SF Holding’s performance in January was outstanding due to the suspension of production during the Spring Festival. According to the operating data released by SF Holding, in January, the express logistics business achieved a revenue of 11.150 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.64%, and the business volume received 566 million votes, a year-on-year increase of 40.45%.

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