Multifunctional, ultra-compact, high-efficiency 250/450W power supply, suitable for medical, industrial and communication applications

May 5, 2020-XP Power officially announced the launch of a new ultra-compact, high-efficiency bare-board or enclosed ECH450 series power supply. The output power of the ECH450 series can reach 250W under convection cooling, 450W under forced cooling, or 450W when using a closed model with integral fan. It provides Class B conduction and radiation standards, and has passed ITE and medical worldwide Safety certification is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications in industry, communications and medical care, including those applications that require BF patient protection.

The convection cooling rating makes this power supply ideal for medical equipment applications where noise is not desired, as well as industrial or communications applications, with reduced fan operation to increase reliability and minimize dust entry.

ECH450 power supply efficiency is as high as 94%, which can minimize waste heat, reduce operating costs and save space. The product runs at full rated power at an ambient temperature of up to +50°C without reducing the rated power, and runs at half-rated power at an ambient temperature of +70°C. Peak load applications support up to 450W, and average power up to 250W during convection cooling.

The size of the ECH450 series is ultra-compact 5.0 “x3.0″ pins and ultra-thin 1.4” thickness, and has a universal input range that can be used all over the world. Available single output voltages are 12.0V, 15.0V, 19.0V , 24.0V, 36.0V, 48.0V and 54.0V.

The product has many configurations to choose from, including a fanless bare-board type or a module with an optional vent cover (-C). Products with integral fans can choose terminal fans (-EF) or top fans (-TF), and select modules that ensure easy configuration and integration to meet the airflow requirements of the terminal equipment. The bare board type and vent cover (-C) module includes a 12V, 600mA fan power supply to power the remote cooling fan, and all models are equipped with a 5V/1A backup power supply.

This product complies with the medical safety certification of IEC60601-1 and provides two patient protection (2 x MOPP) input to output insulation methods. Together with the basic insulation of the output to ground and low leakage current, it ensures that the ECH450 power supply is suitable for floating bodies (BF )application.

In addition to complying with the IEC, UL and EN60601-1 safety certifications for medical applications, the ECH450 series also meets the IEC, UL and EN62368-1 safety certifications that industrial and communication applications need to meet. At the same time, it meets the C-level input current harmonics, making the ECH450 series It is ideal for lighting and Display applications.

This new product also meets the requirements of EN55011/32 Class B conduction and radiation, and has a large margin, allowing designers to easily integrate it and minimize the risk of system-level EMC certification.

The ECH450 series are available from stock, and the product shelf life is 3 years.

Editor’s note:

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