Ocean exploration in the new era, MEMS inertial navigation is promising

China and Africa News on July 27, guided by the Ocean Surveying and Mapping Professional Committee of the Chinese Ocean Society, and sponsored by the Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Detection Technology and Application of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the New Era Ocean Exploration Technology Seminar was successfully concluded in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The conference centered on new technologies, new equipment and new development concepts in the field of ocean exploration in the new era, and attracted more than 100 industry guests to participate. Focusing on new technologies, new equipment and new development concepts in the field of ocean exploration in the new era, the conference invited 5 industry experts and scholars, 3 paper authors, and 13 young scholars and industry professionals to conduct reports and exchanges, attracting more than 130 marine industry professionals Participate.

At this seminar, Chen Donghua, CEO/founder of Huaxin Intelligent (Zhuhai) Technology Co., Ltd., gave a keynote report titled “The Application of MEMS Inertial Navigation in Ocean Exploration Technology”, which systematically introduced Huaxin’s layout in the field of ocean exploration. , Explained the basic principles and application prospects of MEMS inertial navigation, and explained innovative applications with surface platforms and underwater vehicles.

With the continuous deepening of ocean exploration and development, the requirements for autonomous navigation capabilities of ocean exploration equipment are getting higher and higher. In the complex ocean environment, a single sensor device cannot meet the requirements of high-precision autonomous navigation. Multi-sensor data fusion is adopted. The integrated navigation technology has become the development trend of marine navigation technology.

Compared with traditional sensors, MEMS inertial sensors have smaller size, higher sensitivity, faster response speed, lower power consumption, and can make sensor arrays and integrate with processing circuits, which can fully meet the high integration and small size of the ocean exploration field. The requirements of modernization, intelligence, and low power consumption.

At present, MEMS inertial navigation can not only be widely used in marine scientific research and exploration, marine oil and gas exploration and exploitation, maritime security defense and accident rescue, but also can be used in conjunction with other surface platforms, underwater vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles or in conjunction with radar and optoelectronics. The sensors work together.

Huaxin is a hard technology company with the world’s leading high-performance MEMS inertial sensor design technology, focusing on the R&D and production of MEMS inertial sensor chips, inertial navigation modules and integrated navigation modules. The company has the strongest domestic high-performance MEMS gyroscope design team and inertial navigation R&D team, with independent intellectual property rights. Related products can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, special vehicles, emergency rescue, high-end industrial control, automatic driving and other fields.

The seminar ended successfully with the joint efforts of the instructor, the organizer and the organizer. The atmosphere of the meeting was strong and the guests participated with great enthusiasm. They jointly explored new ideas, new tasks, new opportunities, and new challenges for the development of ocean exploration technology. The content of the report focuses on the high-end technology in the field of ocean exploration, and looks forward to cultivating new economic momentum for the ocean industry in the new era.

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