[Panzhongbao]One of the fastest commercial ecological applications of 5G. The application demand in this field may continue to increase. This company launches independent research and development products

The Financial Associated Press learned that the telecom 5G news is expected to usher in commercial use before the Spring Festival. On December 20, at the 2021 China Value-Added Telecom and Virtual Operator Summit Forum-Technology Innovation Conference under the Trend of 5G Convergence Communication, a person from China Telecom revealed: “Plan to choose an opportunity in January (choose a time) to promote 5G news Is currently in the process of formulating plans.”

5G messaging is a basic communication service based on the unified GSMA standard in the 5G era, and is one of the fastest commercial applications of 5G. China Unicom has joined hands with the industry chain to build a cooperative, open, and win-win business ecosystem. It has launched 5G messaging trial commercialization across the country. Currently, it has successively accessed dozens of CSPs (Chatbot Service Providers), and will initially provide smart finance, smart supermarkets, Application scenarios in the fields of smart logistics, smart government affairs, and smart travel. Tianfeng Securities believes that this year is a critical year for the commercial launch of 5G messaging. In the future, 5G messaging is expected to become a basic communication service with multi-terminal support and multi-industry empowerment. Minsheng Securities stated that the accelerated implementation of 5G news is good for the industry chain, and it is optimistic that leading companies will continue to benefit from the accelerated implementation of 5G news, and platform services and applications are expected to continue to benefit in the long-term. As 5G messages are functionally similar to mini programs and official accounts, companies and individuals can fully interact, and applications such as ticket booking and corporate promotion will gradually become popular. The commercial potential of finance, the Internet, e-commerce, commercial chains, and public utilities will be available. In the period, CSP and other platform services and industry application demand are expected to continue to increase.

Among A-share listed companies, Montnets Technology launched the independently developed “Tianhui” 5G messaging PaaS platform, which is the first to integrate 5G messaging, video messaging, industry messaging and other omni-channel messaging capabilities. The Chuling Information Intelligent Dialogue Platform can realize the docking with the 5G message gateway through the standard interface protocol issued by the development operator, and realize the man-machine interaction through the Chatbot. Guodu Internet, a subsidiary of Wutong Holdings, has completed the 5G101 platform and ZTE and Huawei’s 5GMC docking commissioning under the organization of operators, and has obtained 5G messaging CSP qualifications in multiple business landing provinces.

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