Punch the moon!Chang’e 5 sent back landing images

At 22:57 on December 1, the lander + ascent phase combination of the Chang’e-5 probe began to descend from a distance of about 15 kilometers from the lunar surface, and the 7500N variable thrust engine was turned on, gradually moving the probe to the longitudinal direction of the moon. The speed dropped from 1.7 km/s to zero. During this period, the probe adjusted its attitude and landed smoothly in the area north of the Rumke Mountains in the Ocean of Storms on the front of the moon.

Punch the moon!Chang’e 5 sent back landing images

The Chang’e 5 landing site and the nearby U.S. Apollo series and the former Soviet Union’s lunar series landing sites

The soft landing is a key step in Chang’e-5’s lunar sampling mission. During the landing, the landing camera configured on the lander took images of the landing area. A clear view of the lunar surface can be seen.

Punch the moon!Chang’e 5 sent back landing images

Image taken by the landing camera of the Chang’e-5 powered descent

Image taken by the landing camera after the soft landing of Chang’e 5 on the moon

The 21IC family learned that after the successful landing, the lander carried out status checks and settings such as the deployment of solar wings and directional antennas under ground control. Next, the lander will start working on the lunar surface for about 2 days, collecting lunar samples of about 2 kilograms. After completing the sampling mission, the ascender will carry the sample to ignite and take off on the lunar surface, return to the orbit, and then combine with the orbiter + returner combination to return to the earth.

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