Puppet show

Modern puppets are not only large, but also contain many organs. Therefore, after the puppet show starts with two hands, the puppetry action on the stage becomes one of the key factors for the success of the performance.

As far as traditional puppet shows are concerned, puppets are small puppets about 30cm in size. The torso and limbs are made of cloth. Therefore, the puppeteer will put one hand into the hollow puppet to perform. Take the left-hand puppet as an example. Just put the index finger into the puppet’s head, put the thumb into the puppet’s right hand, and put the other three fingers on the puppet’s left hand (left hand), and then use the palm and five fingers to swing or shake. Control the puppet’s head, body, and hands to perform puppetry performance. In other words, it’s easy to get started with puppetry: the puppeteer only puts his hands into the hollow body of the puppet to perform the nodding, shaking and walking performances of the puppet. However, because the expressions of the wooden puppets have not changed, it is especially important to express the emotions of the characters in the play through the physical movements of the puppets, and it also has certain difficulties.

Shaoyang puppet show

In the traditional puppet show, the index finger is placed in the head of the puppet and the thumb is placed in the right hand. In terms of roles, the puppet puppet can be roughly divided into seven roles: Sheng, Dan, Jing, Mo, Chou, Beast, and Miscellaneous…etc. Various puppetry performances should show the gestures, steps and movements of various characters.

Because puppets can be puppets with one hand, traditional puppets can usually manipulate two puppets by one person and perform dialogues with each other. What’s more, both hands can do puppet running, jumping, and throwing. , Martial arts and other martial arts performances.

In fact, in actual performances, apart from the scenes of a big pile of heads in the martial arts field, or the appearance of the characters of the dragon set, the puppet show usually has the most dialogue and physical interaction between the two puppets and the two characters in the puppet show. In this regard, it is the same as the general Chinese traditional drama. If there is more dialogue, it is called Wenxi, and if there is more interaction in martial arts, it is called Wuxi.
Puppet show

After the mid-20th century, in order to express more visual effects, Taiwan puppetry performances evolved from 30 centimeters to 50 centimeters, and even increased to more than 70 centimeters. In response to this change, the one-handed operation has changed from one-handed to two-handed operation.

In addition to putting the hand in the puppet and putting the index finger into the puppet’s head, there are special devices installed inside the puppet’s head and body, which can be pulled by a rope to control the blinking of the eyes, use the middle finger to pull the lips to control, and use the built-in mechanism to bend hands and feet. Wait. In addition, both the left and right hands need to cooperate with quite a lot of puppetry skills, so that the puppet can do the free operation of turning, meditating, running, jumping, and even clouding the fish.

It is also worth mentioning that no matter what period of puppet show, there are puppets and verbal expressions, and even arrange music backstage. Even in the 21st century, this unique style of puppet theater performance is common in Fujian or Taiwan.