Modern puppets, this is a Xiaodan, the model is his own blue butterfly. The basic structure of handicraft puppets includes body frame, clothing, helmet (headwear), body frame includes head (wooden), cloth body, hands (manual or martial arts, wooden), solid cloth legs, shoes (boots) , Wooden), the height of traditional puppets is about 30cm.
In terms of types, in conjunction with puppet theater roles, puppet puppets still have the same three categories as “sheng”, “dan” and “clean”, and they still derive from birth, painted face, Dan, Shinto, and Shinto. Small branches such as spirits and miscellaneous horns. As far as traditional puppet shows are concerned, when a puppet show troupe is formed, at least 80 puppets including these six types of puppets must be prepared; and this is what ordinary puppet artists commonly call a basket.
The production process of the puppet head is engraving rough embryo, polishing, pasting cotton paper, making soil foundation, foundation, opening eyebrows, making floral surface, and putting on hair and beards. Regardless of the role, the puppet head wood of the early traditional puppet shows was mostly produced in Quanzhou, China.
After the 1920s, although Taiwan developed homemade puppets made with models, also known as celluloid puppets, the main products were still Tangshantou imported from Quanzhou.

Among the heads of Tangshan, Tumentou and Huayuantou are the most famous. The main manufacturer of Tumentou is Zhou Mianhao from Tumen Street in Quanzhou, commonly known as Tutou in Taiwan. It is known for its painted face and is not easy to wear a hat.
Huayuantou mainly comes from Huayuantou Village in Huanshan Township, Quanzhou. The main master of this puppet is Quanzhou Jiangjiazou. He is good at raw and pastel flour color, such as sang and dan. He is easy to wear helmets.

The puppet head wood produced in Quanzhou mostly uses ginkgo wood and fragrant catalpa wood. The puppet head made in Taiwan is mainly sycamore wood. In 1950, the two sides of the sea were divided in the background. Only when Taiwan’s puppet head was made with local materials and modern puppet head materials, Camphor wood is mainly used.

The size of modern puppets is about 74 to 80 centimeters high, and the proportions are quite close to real people, about seven to nine heads. The puppet head is carved from camphor wood or white wood[8]. There is a special device inside the puppet head that can be pulled with a rope to control the blinking of the eyes, and the lips can be controlled with the middle finger. There are also special eyes that can move left and right.

In terms of the puppet’s body, the hands can be divided into wooden hands and the widely used rubber hands. The hands have built-in iron wires and can be easily twisted into specific hand shapes. In addition, the feet of modern puppets are generally made of plastic. There are two joints of the knee and ankle, and the shoes can be worn and removed.
As for the costumes worn by the puppets themselves, the clothes worn by the puppets in modern times have become more gorgeous and multi-layered, and they have even looked like real people. In addition, the device for controlling the puppet show and allowing it to perform freely is the same as the world; the device is set in the left and right hands: the right hand controls the puppet’s head and the puppet’s right hand, and the left hand holds a stick to control the puppet’s left hand.