Role classification

Guan Gong is a Hualian in the puppet show. Although the role classification of puppet show is derived from the Chinese drama’s Shengdan Jingmo ugly, but due to the design of the traditional drama, there are no end points and harlequins. Therefore, the role classification of puppet show is divided into “Sheng Dan Jing Mo Chou”. There are six categories: “”, “Hua Lian”, “Dan”, “Shen Tao”, “Essence” and “Miscellaneous Horns”.

Sheng: Refers to the characters with male masculine style. Among them, Xiaosheng is usually the so-called protagonist, Vincent is the intelligent male character, and Wusheng is the action male character.

Hualian: Mainly refers to the heroic, brave male character with very strong masculinity and masculine temperament. Such as red big flower, blue and white boy, Wen Muhei big flower, etc., in addition to its special protagonist category Guan Gong and Xu Liang puppets, etc.;

Dan Jiao: Refers to a female character with a feminine temperament. Such as Huamiandan, Guanyindan, Laodan, Xiaodan, etc.,

Shinto: such as God of Wealth, Three Immortals, and other gods and Taoists such as the Dragon King of East China Sea and Taishi Wen Taishi.

Essence: such as bull’s head and horse noodles.

Miscellaneous: Refers to the role of a superhero. Like an old monk, a little novice monk, lacking a mouth;

Until the new generation of puppet shows in the 20th century, there were still traces of traditional classification in terms of lip service. Take Taiwan puppetry characters as an example. Shi Yanwen and Su Huan are really Wensheng, Crazy Sword is Wu Sheng, Heng Qianqiu and Zhu Tian are painted faces, Ji Xiaotang is more special, Wu Dan is a newly created character type, in addition to detached from tradition, there are also some Harlequins, such as Qin Jiaoxian, Erfang, etc.