The inheritance of the puppet show focuses on the combination of puppet manipulation skills and the backstage music. The scripts for the performance are mostly passed on by word of mouth, or the troupe asks Mr. Opera to tell the story content to the group members, and then the group members play it. Therefore, the puppet show Very few traditional scripts have been preserved.

These oral scripts are based on novels such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Fengshen Bang, and Water Margin.
After 1945, the puppet show in Zhangquan and Quanzhou gradually declined, but Taiwan puppet show continued to develop. Taiwanese puppet theater master Huang Haidai recruited his apprentices. In order to facilitate the transfer of the art, he wrote the outline of the script and passed it to his apprentices. Huang Haidai’s famous puppet plays include “Five Tigers Fighting Blue Dragon”, “Five Tigers of the Tang Dynasty”, and “Sanmen”. Street”, “Con Dao Yi Shi”, “Secret Road Suicide Note”.

In the 1960s, Huang Junxiong’s famous puppet play “The Great Scholar of Yunzhou” script came from Huang Haidai’s “The Story of Loyalty, Filial Piety, Righteousness and Braveness”.

Outside of Taiwan, after the economic opening up in the 1980s in Zhangzhou, the Zhangzhou Puppet Theater Company also produced children’s play scripts written specifically for children. This innovative script has also been tried by Taiwan’s new generation and amateur puppet theater troupes. However, the outline writing method of the outline script and the improvised Hokkien’s elegant colloquialism are still the main features of the handicraft script.

In Quanzhou, Fujian’s Jinjiang puppet show master, Cai used his pen to encourage and persuade his friends to write down more than 90 repertoires (two or three times more than the base of Jinjiang puppet show Li Jiaban), about 700,000 characters, written with a brush on rice paper, Divided into five volumes, bound on cloth, I want to keep it in the world, because there are many repertoires that are unique in the world, such as Tang Yin Mojing, Tang Yin’s Poems, Four Talents, Yuetai Dream, etc. It is the only book in the world. Southeastern Morning Post This incident was reported in September 2007. Jinjiang Opera Troupe wants to buy it many times, but it is useless to buy it. At best, it’s just a matter of how much the troupe has.

But among the secrets, they don’t know, such as which tune should be sung, what drum level should be played, how Bai said, whether it is white or read white, not knowing that not being able to perform is useless. 4 thick big books, more than 90 handicraft puppet plays, 700,000 characters written in regular script with a brush, this is a collection of the handicraft puppet plays rescued by the villager Cai who is facing disappearance