Seraphim backs Isotropic to unblock satellite comms bottleneck

Seraphim backs Isotropic to unblock satellite comms bottleneck

The UK company, which is based in Reading, is a developer of broadband terminal technologies for satellite communications. Its flat panel antennas will be capable of creating a mesh network by simultaneously connecting to multiple different satellites in different orbits.

Isotropic’s Series B funding round raised $35 million in total. Other participants included AEI HorizonX, Promus Ventures, and Firmament Ventures

Specifically, the $25m investment has been made by Seraphim Space Investment and the move represents its first significant investment since its IPO.

Seraphim has previously highlighted that it expects satellite connectivity – from the likes of OneWeb and SpaceX – to skyrocket 35 fold by 2027, fuelling a $400bn potential industry.

Only connect

Seraphim backs Isotropic to unblock satellite comms bottleneckIt writes:

“Isotropic’s patented radio frequency optics technology enables high-performance multi-link ground antenna to simultaneously connect to multiple satellites in multiple orbits without any compromise in the performance of each link.”

“Being able to cost-effectively and flexibly connect to all these satellites remains a major bottleneck for the sector. With its low powered, modular, software-defined antennas, Isotropic is aiming to address these issues with a particular focus on mobility markets. By enabling aircraft, ships, trains, buses and even cars to benefit from broadband satellite connectivity, Isotropic expects to play a key role in expanding the market for satellite communications.”

Isotropic will use the funding to accelerate its production phase to support new satellites launching in GEO, HEO, MEO and LEO orbits from 2022 onwards, and has expanded its workforce by 40% over the last five months.

Space Investment

Isotropic is part of the portfolio of 19 companies acquired by Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC, which completed its IPO in July 2021.

It raised £180m in what was an oversubscribed issue, according to initial reports, which have been confirmed by the company.

“Isotropic is a prime example of why Seraphim Space has listed on the London Stock Exchange,” said James Bruegger, Seraphim Space’s investment manager, on the latest investment. “We now have the financial firepower to double down with conviction on our highest potential investments. With its unparalleled ability to simultaneously connect to satellites in different constellations and different orbits, we believe that Isotropic has the technology that will help unlock massive potential growth within the satellite communications market. We are delighted to be stepping up our support for this exciting business as it enters a critical phase in its development.”

“Since listing on 14 July, Seraphim Space has already deployed in excess of £20 million from its initial fundraise into its portfolio companies and has multiple other transactions that are expected to close in the near term.”