SFP-DD MSA Releases First Management Interface Specification

SINGAPORE – October 15, 2019 – The Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (SFP-DD) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Group has announced the release of the first Management Interface Specification (MIS). The SFP-DD MIS can be used with a 2-channel pluggable module based on a two-wire interface (TWI) with a module management communication host.

The goal of developing the SFP-DD MIS is to allow implementers of host software and module software to use a common code base across a wide variety of form factors, providing a set of core functions that must be implemented by all modules, and a set of related implementations available in the modules. Optional features exposed in the memory map. This approach enables the implementer of the host software to read and react to optional module feature advertisements, while ensuring interoperability with all modules at a basic level.

Founding members of the SFP-DD MSA include Alibaba, Broadcom, Cisco, Dell EMC, Finisar, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Intel, Juniper Networks, Lumentum, Mellanox, Molex and Tyco Electronics. Contributing companies include Accelerator, Amphenol, AOI, Hongteng Precision Technology, Fourte, Genesis, Hisense, Infinera, InnoLight, Maxim Integrated, Multilane, Nokia, Schenco, Source Optoelectronics, US Conec and ZTE.

For all modules that meet the requirements of the SFP-DD MIS specification, a common feature of them is that they use a 256-byte addressable memory window to transmit management data through TWI. Data paging in the management memory space is logged to the upper half of the host-addressable memory window. A pluggable module that conforms to the SFP-DD MIS specification is a 2-channel module form factor.

Scott Sommers, MSA Founding Member and Chairman, said: “Through close collaboration with all MSA members, we are very excited to introduce the SFP-DD MIS. With this new release, the MIS will enable the adoption of the SFP-DD form factor. , as the next generation of SFP-DD modules, connectors and cage systems.”

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