Silicone Heart Shape Diamond Cake Molds, A Popular Molds Among Young People

As we all know, silicone cake molds play a very important roles in our kitchen. Their features of heat resisting, stable and flexible make more and more cake baking fans prefer silicone baking molds when they select baking tools.Has you noticed that here is a very popular heart shape diamond cake mold? The trend of showing their handmade diamond heart shape cake on internet communication platform has been popular for several months.A baking mold for making beautiful cake you should own.It is made of food grade silicone. As it is know to all that FDA approved food grade silicone is a kind of material stable.Beautiful diamond heart shape molds made of stable silicone rubber is heat resisiting and safe.Acoording to a result of a heat resisting test planed by our engineer, the surface of this cake mold still be smooth after being put on a working oven where the temperature is 200℃. More inportantly, there are no odor producing.Diamond heart shape silicone cake mold, is a safe baking mold for molding a beautiful cake. There is no doubt that young people be this diamond cake mold's fans

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