Silicone Pans: An Excellent Product Used For Baking And Steaming

Wholesale baking and steaming silicone pans provided by china supplier.Big Size Silicone Butterfly Shape Cake PanCan be used on oven, microwave oven, dishwasherIt's size is 13*11cm, 40gMade of Food Grade silicone rubberEnvironmental friendly, heat resistant, flexible, reusable and odorless
Silicone rubber is a kind of material having an excellent feature of heat resistant. And it is one of the most important reasons why silicone material kitchenware is so popular among people. It is widely know that the most common worldwide popular silicone good is oven and microwave oven baking tool, such as molds for shaping cake, pizza pan trays, oven pastry mats and so on. The history of using silicone cake mould has for decades, and the fact prove that heat resistant silicone bakeware or silicone mould is useful. However, can those silicone baking pans and trays be used for steaming?Generally speaking, silicone pans, as products directly contact with food, it should and must be proved that they are harmless to human body. So qualified silicone bakeware is Food Grade silicone products.Besides, Food Grade silicone material products generally is heat-safe. And silicone baking pans produced by Dongguan Wei Shun Silicone Technology Co. Ltd. is heat-safe up to 675 degrees Fahrenheit.There isn't any evidence that steaming silicone pan is harmful.Interest in this silicone material butterfly shape pan, welcome to contact us.

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