Socionext successfully develops mmWave radar sensor for IoT device applications

Socionext Inc. (the “Company”), a leader in SoC design and application technology, announced the launch of a new set of millimeter-wave radar sensors “SC1230 Series”, which can provide various smart home and IoT devices such as detection of human position and Sensing technology with high sensitivity and low power consumption such as motion. Product samples are available now and volume production is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2020.

  Socionext successfully develops mmWave radar sensor for IoT device applications

Figure: Appearance of SC1230 series

In the past, when developing millimeter-wave radar sensors, it was often necessary to have strong expertise in high-frequency wireless communication technology. In addition, it was difficult to apply them to household appliances due to the large power consumption and large size of the sensor.

The SC1230 series developed by Socionext can sensitively detect the position and movement of people without the need for image capture or sound capture. The product is expected to provide innovative ideas for the development of new services and functional designs based on “human behavior”, while user privacy issues will also be protected.

The SC1230 series adopts the company’s unique signal processing and circuit design technology. It is a new type of millimeter-wave radar sensor with ultra-low power consumption, compact size and low cost. Basic signal processing functions are integrated into the sensor, which enables easy product development without signal processing expertise and is expected to reduce the number of external components. Designed in a compact 9mm x 9mm package, the SC1230 consumes only 0.5mW and can be installed anywhere using a dry battery as a power source. SC1230 series products are divided into two types: “SC1232AR3” and “SC1233AR3”. “SC1232AR3” can detect the presence and distance of objects, while “SC1233AR3” can add the ability to detect the direction of moving objects on the “SC1232AR3” function.

In the future, Socionext will continue to explore sensing technology, develop more radio wave sensor products and solutions, and promote them to smart homes, mobile devices and industrial fields.

SC1230 series sample price (100pcs price as below)

SC1232AR3: $15.00/piece

SC1233AR3: $16.50/piece

SC1230 series overview

This is an all-in-one millimeter-wave radar sensor with built-in wireless circuit, A/D converter, and ranging circuit, which can detect the distance between objects, and Display the output in the form of icons when the motion of the object is detected. , if it is set from the host MCU via I2C/SPI, it can be used just by reading the detection result. Average power consumption during human detection is about 0.5mW (when operating at 0.1% duty cycle in motion detection mode)

Socionext successfully develops mmWave radar sensor for IoT device applications


Using the Digital Beam Shaper function, the FOV (field of view) of 120° or 95° can be selected, and the detection distance is 8m.


2D detection can be achieved by connecting to an external MCU for calculation through 2 receiving antennas. When the FOV is set to 120°, the detection distance is 8m. In terms of angle detection, SC1233AR3 outputs preprocessed data through the built-in circuit, so angle information can be obtained through simple data calculation.

FOV is the half value angle. FOV and detection range vary with actual usage.


About Socionext Inc.

Socionext Inc. is a global innovative company that designs, develops and sells System-on-chips. The company focuses on the world’s advanced technologies centered on the consumer, automotive and industrial sectors, and continues to drive the development of today’s diverse applications. Socionext brings together world-class expertise, experience and a rich IP portfolio to provide customers with cost-effective solutions and customer experiences. Founded in 2015, the company is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and has offices in Japan, Asia, the United States and Europe to lead its product development and sales.

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