State Grid Beijing Electric Power’s innovative application of intelligent online monitoring platform for power transformation helps guarantee the Winter Olympics

On December 27th, the monitoring personnel of the State Grid Beijing Inspection and Maintenance Company Condition Monitoring Center stared at the large monitoring screen, which was continuously displaying the monitoring data of UHF and temperature of the combined electrical appliances and switch cabinets of the Winter Olympics key protection substations. These data all come from the intelligent online monitoring platform for power transformation, which was officially launched on the 300th day of operation.

In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the power supply for the Winter Olympics, real-time grasp the status of key equipment in the Winter Olympics substation, and at the same time integrate various online monitoring devices for unified management, State Grid Beijing Electric Power has developed and applied this set of online intelligent monitoring platform for substations. The platform is based on the standard communication protocol of the Smart Substation of the State Grid Corporation of China, combined with the operating status of the main network main equipment, and is jointly developed by the professionals of the Beijing Maintenance Company organized by the State Grid Beijing Electric Power and related manufacturers to carry out multi-dimensional online status monitoring for combined electrical appliances and switchgear. . In addition to the Display terminal, the platform also includes station-side sensors and node devices. Through the arrangement of dedicated channels, the device status information collected by the sensors is transmitted to the node devices through a specific protocol, and then enters the intranet system, and finally displayed in front of the employees.

From the initial 4 stations to the current 82 stations, after nearly a year of hard work, the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Application and Transformer Online Intelligent Monitoring Platform has covered Beijing Maintenance Company, Beijing Yanqing Power Supply Company, Beijing Shunyi Power Supply Company and many other companies. Station, with more than 5,000 sensors installed, covering all Winter Olympics special-grade direct supply stations and some first-level direct supply stations. The platform is mainly connected to partial discharge type (ultra high frequency sensor, three-in-one sensor) and temperature type sensor (thermal sensor, infrared temperature sensor). Through the two types of sensors, it can monitor the internal partial discharge situation and equipment temperature status of the combined electrical appliances and switchgear equipment in the key winter Olympic substations in real time, and control the health level of the equipment around the clock. In addition, the intelligent monitoring platform can also be used to achieve automatic abnormal alarms and reminders of abnormal status through the set alarm settings. Through monitoring personnel’s uninterrupted viewing and abnormal data analysis, the timely handling of abnormal conditions of equipment is realized, and the guarantee of power supply for the Winter Olympics is escorted.

In the next step, the State Grid Beijing Electric Power will continue to deepen the exploration of substation intelligence, and gradually integrate the key substations for long-term power protection, key substations for winter and summer into the intelligent online monitoring platform for substations, and realize comprehensive monitoring of the “core” substation equipment. Helping the safe and stable operation of main equipment of Beijing Power Grid’s main network.

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