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Connor-Winfield Corporation is a privately held electronics manufacturer headquartered in the United States. Following the merger in 1963, Connor-Winfield focused primarily on the design and manufacture of quartz timing circuits and oscillators for various Electronic applications. During the 1990s, Connor-Winfield expanded into other product areas while continuing to focus on its core timekeeping roots.

Connor-Winfield’s frequency control products are used in a variety of applications including telecommunications, LAN and WAN products, computers and other microprocessors and electronic equipment. We specialize in designing custom and semi-custom frequency control products, but also offer a range of standard oscillator products and amorphous oscillators.

Core Values ​​and Business Conduct Policy Statement

At Connor-Winfield, our policy is to conduct business honestly and ethically. This goal requires everyone in the organization to take responsibility for promoting integrity and demonstrating the highest ethical conduct in all of our activities. Activities that could adversely affect our reputation or integrity should be avoided. The key to achieving our business objectives and complying with this Code is to exercise good judgment. This means obeying the law, doing the “right” thing, and being ethical even if the law or internal policies are unclear.

The Code applies to all employees, officers and directors of Conor Winfield and all of its affiliates and is based on the company’s core values, good business conduct and compliance with applicable laws.

Managers set an example for other employees and are often responsible for directing the behavior of others. Every manager and supervisor shall take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with this Code, provide guidance and assist employees with questions about this Code, and allow employees to express any concerns about compliance with this Code. No one has the right to order another employee to violate this Code.

Environmental Mission Statement

Connor, Winfield is committed to conducting business in a globally responsible manner that is consistent with environmentally sensitive principles. We know that we have a vital role to play in maintaining the environment. As a result, we will play an active role in reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products. In addition, we assure our stakeholders that we will comply with all local, state and federal environmental regulations and, where possible, we will work to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations.

To demonstrate our commitment to these principles, we:

CFC-free in all of our manufacturing operations since 1994

Following RoHS principles, various compliant products are now available

meet all applicable environmental, health and safety legal requirements in the countries in which we do business

The principles outlined in the EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) have been incorporated into the company’s internal policies

Will maintain an active program to reduce our use of consumables (energy, water, materials, etc.)

Will work with our employees to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace

Will be transparent through public disclosure of environmental management system aspects, including any regulatory fines or penalties

Connor-Winfield Global Timing Solutions

Connor-Winfield Global Timing Solutions includes two quartz crystal businesses; a crystal oscillator design and manufacturing group and a timing products group specializing in the design of synchronous clocks, PLL modules, special function ASICs for telecom and datacom applications, and Global Positioning System (GPS) based timing solution for Synchronous Ethernet applications.

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Product List

Test & Measurement (1)

Multimeters – Dedicated(1)

Integrated Circuit (IC)(14)

Clock/Timing – Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers(4)

Clock/Timer – Dedicated (10)

Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators(541)



Development Boards, Kits, Programmers(10)

Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits(10)

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