The Price Of Silicone Spatulas: How Much Is Our Silicone Spatula

How much is our silicone spatula? This article will introduce two silicone spatulas goods to the readers.Spatula is one of basic baking tools. It play an important role on baking cakes. On kitchen, spatulas are be used for stirring or mixing dough and pie stuffing, lifting paste or scooping foods.There are thousands of different materials, types and shapes spatula on market. And silicone spatula is a product which become more and more popular in recent years.1. Stainless Steel Kitchenware Sets Include Fry Silicone spatulasThis cookware sets is made of food grade heat resisting silicone rubber, waterproof and easy to clearn up. Besides, with stainless steel handles, this cokkware sets are excellent durable goods.And it't wholesale price is $1.5/sets2. Christmas Theme Red Silicone SpatulaThis Food Grade spatula set includes several different shapes.Wood handle is environmental friendly. It sold $5/setsIn addition, customized spatulas or other cooking utensils orders are also welcome.

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