The skills of distinguish silicone tube and rubber tube

We all know silicone rubber ,but many people believe that are no difference between silicone tube and rubber silicone .
Silicone tube is a kind of silicone rubber tube ,belong to One-component room temperature curing liquid rubber products . Once exposed to the air , The silane monomer condensation occurs, which form a network structure, system of crosslinking, melting and dissolving, elastic, state into rubber, the adhesive object at the same time.
thermal conductivity of silicone tube is higher than silicone rubber .Once cured, it is difficult to separate the objects . Rubber products with high elasticity of polymer compounds . Including Without vulcanization and sulfide species already .It can be divided into two categories, natural rubber and synthetic rubber .Vulcanized rubber products is widely used in manufacturing tires, rubber hose, adhesive tape, insulation materials, rubber shoes, with silicone tube in the medical application, etc .

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