Titan Legion N32SK PLUS display, high appearance, high refresh rate

This article will introduce the Titan Legion N32SK PLUS Display. If you want to find out about its specific situation, or want to increase your understanding of it, please read the following content.

The Titan Legion N32SK PLUS is equipped with a 31.5-inch high-standard VA panel. The VA screen has the characteristics of high contrast, giving the picture a more three-dimensional performance and more colorful colors. The 16.7M color number and 95% sRGB color gamut ensure that every pixel of the picture can accurately restore the true color, bringing clearer picture details.

The back of the monitor is made of high-quality ABS+PC high-performance materials to create a stronger and more durable lightweight gaming armor. The shape of the light bar on the back has also changed from the previous single line design, incorporating a more three-dimensional “line art”. Create a more personalized gaming backlight look.

All beliefs can be attributed to “lights”. Titan Corps also added a “LOGO faith light” design to the N32SK PLUS for the first time. When the power is turned on, the LOGO projection light effect based on the brand’s “faith green” tone will also follow. Light up, light up the light of e-sports belief.

At the same time, the bottom of the display is also equipped with the current “Three Royals” of video signal interfaces, DP, DVI and HDMI interfaces, to fully meet different video signal output requirements.

The 1500R guarantees that each viewpoint position within a radius of 1.5m is the same, which is 0.3m smaller than the 1.8m radius of the 1800R, and most players are at about 1m in front of the display, so it can be seen The 1500R will have a stronger sense of picture envelopment than the 1800R.

The Titan Legion N32SK PLUS has a 144Hz screen refresh rate, which not only brings a smoother game screen performance, but also gives players the ability to clearly see every movement of the enemy, fully predicting the enemy’s movements and making accurate measurements. fight back.

At the same time, the N32SK PLUS also supports the AMD Free Sync function, which can make the display frame number adapt to the game frame number after it is turned on, reduce the frame loss of the screen, and present a smooth and tear-free game screen.

In addition, players can turn on the Game Plus game auxiliary function with one key of the display menu button. In addition to the common chicken eating, League of Legends, CS GO, DOTA, OW and CF, APEX heroes that have been popular some time ago have also been added.

The breakthrough and innovative Titan Legion N32SK PLUS is the first 1500R gaming monitor launched by the Titan Legion. In addition to the breakthrough in curvature, it also adds the design of “belief lamp” for the first time. performance

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